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OMG Stop!

Yes, dear readers... more Bill Gates stuff. I promise an aritcle with something interesting tomorrow, but this is blowing my mind.

"Bill Gates is trying to indocrinate our youth ..." with the purpose of (?) seeing the world as he wants them to? Liking him? Turning them all in to Republicans?

Because, yes, after all over the last 20 years with everyone gazing into their computers, every one of those Microsoft users intensly focused and avidly paying attention to the screen hour after hour, year after year... All of those people like Bill now. I see that his indoctrination skills are well honed and effective. We should consider this possibility strongly and watch for signs of our kids suddenly believing that the Republican party is good for them.

Yes, Bill Gates is a solid and unapoligetic Republican, not a democrat. Nor is he much of a tree hugger. Don't mistake his Foundation's work, with being Liberal. He is not liberal at all.


"Bill Gates Dropped out of School!"

No, he didn't. He finished high school and was a National Merit Scholar. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT.

But I would like to say, on behalf of everyone who had to drop out of high school because of emergency, having to provide for family or themselves, and then fight claw and tooth to get into college, like myself .. Fuck You. How dare you even bring that up. You think that because a person is a drop out that they are worthless? You fucking piece of shit. Please sit in the back row and chew your cud.


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