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Big List of Needful Things

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Breaking Cat NewsThe Devil's PantiesDumbing of Age
SSDDSaturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


Savage ChickensGirls With SlingshotsQuestionable Content
The WhiteboardGo Get A Roomie


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Stand Still Stay Silent

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Diesel SweetiesFreeFallTwo Lumps
Gunnerkrigg CourtCtrl+Alt+DelBetween Failures
SpacetrawlerEl Goonish ShiveCode Name: Hunter
Girl GeniusWapsi Square

Monday, Thursday

Sandra And WooGodslaveGrrl Power


Spying With Lana
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
XKCDEl Goonish Shive: NewsPaper

Tuesday, Friday
WukriiSkin Deep
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Cat and Girl
Price for Freedom
ElvenCurvyCats 'n' Cameras
Pocket PrincessesMy Junk DrawerFootrot Flats
Jesus and MoDriveVattu
MetacarpolisPVPOrder Of The Stick
A Girl And Her FedRising SandRiverside Extras
Something PositiveFoxes In LoveLove Not Found
Sequential ArtTwoKindsThe Monster Under The Bed
Too Much InformationYet Another Fantasy Gamer ComicInk Dolls
The Great Isle Of PrentilDelveThe Depths
MoonlaceThe Rock CocksThe Cummoner
ShadowscapesBirdcheeseKingfisher Feathers
Hamsters & DragonsClients From HellOut Of Context D&D Quotes
Alder's GroveSymmetryEarth Is Space Australia
Not Always RightBack Yard BiologyHellen Highwater
Extremely sporadic
Piled Higher And DeeperGoblinsWondermark
El Goonish Shive: SketchbookLittle GamersGhost Kiss
Dead WinterLackadaisyBattle Bunnies
Gregor!Akimbo ComicsMaliki
Swords and SausagesPerry Bible FellowshipPrequel
Bunny WigginsI Roved Out In Search Of Truth & LovePrismBlush
In reruns
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The Lies of Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough Anti-vaccine cardiologist was sued, and now risks loss of board certification . Baylor Scott & White Health is seeking $1 million in a lawsuit filed in July against  Peter A. McCullough, M.D., MPH   for allegedly spreading COVID-19 misinformation under the Baylor name in media interviews. The lawsuit alleges that, since leaving Baylor, he “has conducted dozens, if not hundreds, of interviews in print and video appearances” while appearing to hold titles related to Baylor. In February, McCullough left his position as vice chief of internal medicine for cardiovascular disease at Baylor University Medical Center and agreed “not to state that he is employed by or affiliated” with the health system. [Osborne R.  Lawsuit: Former Baylor Scott & White doctor used Baylor title while spreading COVID-19 misinformation . WFAA News, Aug 26, 2021] A District Court has granted a temporary  restraining order  prohibiting any affiliation with the plaintiffs.  McCullough

Forensic Blunders #001
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The Bleeding Corpse:  Your MC comes down the wooden stairway, that was old when he was born, and into the cellar of the house. He descends into musty smells, feeling layers of dust and dank as he submerges into the thick air. A single naked, low watt light-bulb hangs over the laundry area to the right, On the smooth cement floor inside that lonely pool of light lays the body of Mrs. Katt. Blood is dripping out of her eyes like tears... Your character better rush to the phone and call Emergency help. Now! Go! Because Mrs. Katt is still alive!

Biden Losing His Mind and ... WAIT! There's More!

We are currently inside the grips of a pandemic that has been going on in the U.S. since January of 2020. Right now we are in the Delta phase , and heading toward a yet to be understood Mu phase .   Yesterday, ~500 people died in the state of Florida. The daily average is 350, a day. Not a week or a month. Every day .  These days most of them are young.