Synergy: Writing a Fiction Novel

For decades I thought of synergy -- when I thought of it connected to writing fiction novels -- as a contrived expedient. Flash that is trimming. Pomp and Circumstance only cheaper. Costume jewelry. 

There are masters of the literature class -- and yet even more masters out in the arms of the genres. Still, these rare artisans fail to call attention to the lack of art in popular novels. This is not to say that there is a massive shift in our culture centered on the methods of our communication.  No, it has been like this for a while.  This is why there are 'literary' novels, and popular genre novels. Synergy.

Mood v. Muse: Does Emotional State Affect Our Writing Ability?

There is little we do which is not deeply affected by our emotional state (mood). This includes writing and creating storylines. I have come to believe that the 'flashes' of inspiration are less "making connections to come up with something fresh and new" to being more of remembering something because our mood shifted.

Affective Characters and Intense Relationships

Here are some tips for writing strong, compelling characters and relationships in your writing:

Which Industries are likely to be Un-Effected by AI?

It is difficult to definitively predict which companies or segments of the business world will not be disrupted by the progressive success and growth of AI. However, there are some industries that are less likely to be disrupted by AI than others.

Creative industries: AI is unlikely to replace creative professionals such as artists, musicians, writers, and designers. These professionals rely on their unique skills and perspectives to create works of art, music, literature, and design. AI can assist with some creative tasks, such as generating ideas or editing text, but it is unlikely to be able to replicate the human touch that is essential to creativity.

Using ChatGPT as a Beta Reader

Most of this post is the conversation between me and GPT regarding my writing. I"m using it as a casual evaluator and advisor. The PROMPT is what I've written to GPT and what follows unless I mark it otherwise, is what GPT responded to me. I found the exchange very helpful, and the ability to get feedback on the prose so quickly (minutes instead of days or weeks for friends and beta readers to get back to me) amazing.

:PROMPT:: Analyze for ease of reading, style, character voices and meaning: 

The ash falls in the fog
covering cars on sidewalks
drifting slowly still 
to lay across the dead
like snow, sans clean
sans crisp, sans closure

 GPT: This is a haiku-like poem with an evocative image of ash falling in the fog and covering cars and the dead like snow. The use of the word "sans" (meaning without) adds an interesting touch of ambiguity and hints at the idea of something missing or incomplete.

What is it to Create? AI Assisted Artforms

I'm a novelist. I'm trained in copy, and poetry as well, but no longer practice those except to sharpen skills.

When I say I have an idea to work on, there are qualifications and expectations just as there are with any claim. To say something exists is to be challenged soon after. There's always room for description, proclamation, and narrative.

Urgings for definition and levels of expectation defined through query. People want to know what the statement means -- I have an idea to work on -- what does that mean to them, in dollars and hours. What might I gain? 

Synergy: Writing a Fiction Novel

For decades I thought of synergy -- when I thought of it  connected to writing fiction novels -- as a contrived expedient. Flash that is ...