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It is going to get Fakey this Year

This is a quote I found, I want to do some verification: 

"On 7/31/2019 Trump has private meeting with Putin. On 8/3/2019, just three days after his private meeting with Putin, Trump issues a request for a list of top US spies. By 2021 the CIA reports an unusually high number of their agents are being captured and/or being murdered. During the search executed at Mar A Lago the FBI find more documents with lists of U.S. informants"

OK, let's unpack this. First, did the CIA report missing or killed or captured agents in 2021? Do they report this regularly? Is there a public record of what the FBI found at Mar A Lago? Did Trump have a private meeting with Putin on 7/31/2019? Did Trump request any list of CIA operatives?

Here's what I found:

CIA Reports of Missing or Killed Agents in 2021:

In October 2021, reports indicated that the CIA had warned its stations globally about a concerning number of informants being captured or killed. This was highlighted in a top-secret cable that emphasized the urgent need to address these losses and improve source protection. The cable cited various reasons for the vulnerabilities, including poor tradecraft and the advanced detection technologies used by adversarial intelligence agencies like biometric scans and AI​ ( American Military News)​​ 

(Yahoo News – Latest news )​​ 

(The Independent)​.

Frequency of CIA Reporting on Agent Status:

While the CIA does not regularly publish reports on the status of its agents for security reasons, specific instances of significant concern, such as the 2021 cable, do get reported internally and sometimes leak to the public. Such cables are routine but highlight specific urgent issues when they occur.

FBI Findings at Mar-a-Lago:

There is no public record confirming that the FBI found documents with lists of U.S. informants during the search at Mar-a-Lago. The nature of the documents found in the search remains largely classified, and specific details about their contents are not publicly available.

Trump-Putin Meeting on 7/31/2019:

President Trump did meet with President Putin in Osaka, Japan, during the G20 Summit on June 28, 2019. However, I couldn't find a specific record of a private meeting on July 31, 2019. The meetings around this period were often scrutinized but did not always have public documentation of every private interaction.

Trump's Request for a List of CIA Operatives:

There are no confirmed reports that President Trump specifically requested a list of top U.S. spies following his meetings with Putin. Concerns about intelligence and security have been a recurring theme during Trump's presidency, but direct evidence of such a request has not been substantiated publicly.

Even though I believed that the propaganda meme was false, I thought that at least the meeting would be verifiable. I didn't believe the requests for the lists because that dog just didn't hunt. But the meeting? Why lie about that? See, that is bad propaganda there. First fact false is not the way to go. 

"Little Birds" by Anaïs Nin

"Little Birds" is a collection of erotic short stories by Anaïs Nin

, first published in 1979, two years after her death. This collection explores themes of desire, passion, and the complexities of human sexuality through a series of vividly crafted vignettes.

The stories in "Little Birds" are set in various locales, including bohemian Paris and rural America, reflecting Nin's own cosmopolitan background. Each narrative delves into the intimate lives of its characters, revealing their deepest yearnings, fantasies, and the often-taboo aspects of their sexual experiences.

Nin's prose is lyrical and poetic, imbuing each story with a dreamlike quality. Her writing captures the sensuality and psychological depth of her characters, offering a nuanced exploration of the interplay between sexual freedom and societal norms.

Throughout "Little Birds," Nin challenges conventional notions of morality and invites readers to embrace the richness of human sexuality in its many forms. The collection is celebrated for its boldness and the way it captures the intimate and often unspoken aspects of desire.

"Little Birds" is a testament to Anaïs Nin's literary artistry and her fearless exploration of the erotic, making it a timeless work that continues to captivate readers with its beauty and frankness.

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It is going to get Fakey this Year

This is a quote I found, I want to do some verification:  " On 7/31/2019 Trump has private meeting with Putin. On 8/3/2019, just three ...