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EZ-USA® of Rand Paul
and The Mystery of the Suddenly Gone EZTax RandPlan

OH Shit! and other things you 
shouldn't say
when you run for President
Not liking what you see with Rand Paul's
what it takes to run a country
You are not alone. 

Rand Paul doesn't like them either. 

The US Senator who has been spouting his opinion about everything under the sun -- 98% of the time simply because he Hates Obama, suddenly realized that his crap is just that, Crap. 

As a Senator with no real say, his crap had the same level of importance as if I were to spout off about my Tax Plan and publish it on this little blog. But when you step up on the platform and say "I'm Running for President" things change. Apparently Rand Paul didn't grasp Reality until last night -- when several pages on his website suddenly went missing.

Don't worry though Rand, I got your back. I Found all those pages for you, and many more.from previous posts over the last couple of years. So if those deletions were caused by a hacker event... just say the word and I'll deliver copies to you.

A curiosity at this point is -- how long before he realizes that he has been Pro-ISIS for more than a year now...(?)

EZ-USA® RUNNING A COUNTRY KIT: is the perfect solution to any President's problems. EZ-USA® contains answeres like EZ-Solutions® 
One-State, One-Vote
getting rid of the dead-weight that is Congress. Because when you are President
(*cough* - not like, um.... you ... more like me) You don't want a bunch of Jerks doing the Obstruction thing.
From the Rand Paul Web Site -- Saved and Fully Restored to their Former Glory -- no need to thank me, I love my job and my country -- The EZ-TAX RAND-PLAN
There is absolutely no question that the burdensome United States Tax Code needs to be reformed. 
As President, I would promote a Fair and Flat Tax plan, known as the “EZ Tax.” My tax plan would be the largest tax cut in American history ($700 billion per year), reforming individual, business, and worker taxes.   
* advertisement paid for by the GetTheFuckOutOfHere2016 campaign group copyright©2015
The tax reform plan will include a 17% flat tax for individuals and businesses, making it the most competitive in the world. This would bring more businesses back to America, and leave more money in the hands of hard working 
Americans. The tax reform plan would also provide low and middle-income workers with an exemption from the Social Security payroll tax. 
The flat tax would also eliminate every form of unfair, double taxation in the United States, including the capital gains, dividend, estate, gift, and interest tax.
My EZ Tax plan encourages our businesses to be competitive in the global economy with lower rates, while also leaving more money in the hands of the hardworking middle class.
 *emphasis from the original formatting 
There you have it. In five short paragraphs Rand Paul has solved the country's Tax and Financial problems. It is so EZ®!.-- So EZ® that you have to wonder why no one has ever thought of this solution before. Rand is full of EZSolutions® so EZ® *Obama Could have done them -- but didn't®*. 

Hell, with a plan like this -- you don't need an IRS! Rand could handle The Nation's tax processing by himself at the Whitehouse Desk, while he puts into action his other ...
Rand Paul's  EZSolutions® for the USA

EZ® RandPlans Such as:

  • EZ-USA®VET-ACT -- If you were Shot by a Bullet -- Then You are a Veteran -- The Rest of YOU, Stop Whining and Get a Job -- Your Commander has Spoken
  • EZ-USA®EDU-ACT -- If you can Spell Your Name -- No Need for School For You
  • EZ-USA®PEACE-ACT -- Leave ISIS Alone -- They're Just Doing Their Thing-- Just Say No On Drones
  • EZ-USA®CLIMATE-ACT --Water is Not a Right -- And Other EZSolutions® for California
  • EZ-USA®TRANSPORTATION-ACT --Infrastructure Is For Those Who Use It -- so Get a Shovel and Fix it YourSelf!
  • EZ-USA®EPA-ACT --Water is Not a Right II -- Cutting The Office of the EPA

Plans like these and so many others -- I'll be making a point of commenting on in the future -- are 

  • EZ-USA® for simple citizens to understand, 
  • EZ-USA® to write down without spelling mistakes, 
  • and EZ-USA® to put into action.

*so EZ® Obama Could have done them -- but didn't® -- is a copyrighted campaign slogan ©2015 and may not be used by any individual, party or campaign for any purpose without the express and direct and written permission of the GetTheFuckOutOfHere Propaganda Group( All rights reserved

“A more realistic foreign policy would recognize that there are evil people and tyrannical regimes in this world, but also that America cannot police or solve every problem across the globe,” Paul wrote. “Only after recognizing the practical limits of our foreign policy can we pursue policies that are in the best interest of the U.S.” ~ Rand Paul the man with the EZ-RandPlan ... let someone else do it... they are all the way over there... 

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