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Using ChatGPT as a Beta Reader

Most of this post is the conversation between me and GPT regarding my writing. I"m using it as a casual evaluator and advisor. The PROMPT is what I've written to GPT and what follows unless I mark it otherwise, is what GPT responded to me. I found the exchange very helpful, and the ability to get feedback on the prose so quickly (minutes instead of days or weeks for friends and beta readers to get back to me) amazing.

:PROMPT:: Analyze for ease of reading, style, character voices and meaning: 

The ash falls in the fog
covering cars on sidewalks
drifting slowly still 
to lay across the dead
like snow, sans clean
sans crisp, sans closure

 GPT: This is a haiku-like poem with an evocative image of ash falling in the fog and covering cars and the dead like snow. The use of the word "sans" (meaning without) adds an interesting touch of ambiguity and hints at the idea of something missing or incomplete.

GTP and ME and Chess

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