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Shadow Dance continues

The Shadow Dance Novel has been on a rather long sabbatical, however recently I've found the time to re-enter the world of the Scarred Lands and continue the story of Elaine's entry and ascension in the world of Drendari . " Life, " her father Edrin Northstar, Prince of the High Elf Tera Vi, tells her, " is ascending beyond your child, and becoming more than yourself. " The characters and heroes are all gathered, and while some will fall, others will push forward striving to fullfill their pacts, and promises. Starting this week I plan on posting a chapter a week again, until the novel is complete and then continuing to post at the same rate for the next novel, The Shadow Forge . The Shadow Forge will continue the story of Elaine, Mac Anu and Naill into the City of Mithril . Begining in Shelzar , the City of Sin, the group will travel to the East, past the Halls of Burok Torn , and into the lands of Vesh. I also plan on using this blog area to walk through