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Authoring Tools and A Sadistic utility You'll probably try Anyway

Over the last couple of weeks I've been deep delving into linguistics and grammar parsing. Learned some great stuff about Sentiment Programming, and analysis strategy. In doing all of this I've gathered up a long list of software utilities which I'm now trying to catalog and comment on in case you would like to try some of these out. They were an amazing help, and I certainly would not have learned as much as I did  in the short time I gave myself to understand these areas of research. What did I learn? Well I learned that the last couple of weeks was spent deep delving into areas of research about exactly the wrong areas. However, I never would have found the right area if I didn't go there. I also learned some useful aspects of Sentiment, and Big Data, both of which I'll be posting on as well over the next couple of weeks. This first list is a collection of some Authoring software which I have enjoyed on various levels. Gir will show you the ones I find most

To Really Mess Things Up Takes a SpreadSheet

Spreadsheets are essential tools for enterprises. Other financial and business intelligence applications have emerged over the years, but the spreadsheet remains the fundamental tool for financial reporting and analysis and for sharing numerical or tabular data. Spreadsheet applications have grown more powerful, and spreadsheets themselves have grown bigger and more complex, making it more difficult for spreadsheet users and internal auditors to identity risks and errors in spreadsheet data and formulas. If uncorrected, these risks and errors could lead to strategic missteps, erroneous financial reporting, regulatory fines, and other costly outcomes. To reduce risks and errors while keeping spreadsheet users productive, enterprises need a spreadsheet risk management solution that is: Comprehensive  Fast  Accurate  Scalable  Easy to use  Easy to learn  Supportive of best practices 

A Look at Propaganda in the Ukraine

The New York Times has an interview with  Mr. Pomerantsev   which is certainly worth looking into if you are interested in the use of Propaganda on the Cable News. The differences between the use of aggressive persuasion on the TV and in Text are of course different via the medium constraints. For example Guilt as a means of motivation can be evoked 17 ways (that I know of) through video, and only 4 ways through text. Text trumps in other directions. Mr. Pomerantsev’s book , “Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible,” has particular resonance, describing a world where laws change at the whim of the powerful and where television provides an ever-present, entertaining and emotionally charged distortion of reality. Mr. Pomerantsev’s area of study is propaganda , and he believes he saw many classic techniques at work in Moscow. He says one favorite trick was to put a credible expert next to a neo-Nazi, juxtaposing fact with fiction so as to encourage so much cynicism that v

Debunk from F.E.E. on the Common Core Deniers

The Foundation for Excellence in Education , states --below in the Background area of their article -- that they respect much of the work of the American Principles Project and the work of Ms. Gallagher. I don't. First off, why is a 501.(c)(3) Non-Profit commenting on and campaigning against Government Policy in the first place? So far every claim they have made against Common Core has been (dis)Information. There is a very important difference between "misinformation" and "disinformation".  Misinformation means that you didn't know what you were propagating was inaccurate. It means that you had no other agenda other than attempting to provide the best information you had available, and that what you knew was of importance. DisInformation is something else entirely,

Republican Propaganda
Editing the State of the Nation Speech

Republicans Post Doctored Version Of State Of The Union, Censor Facts On Climate Change BY EMILY ATKIN POSTED ON JANUARY 21, 2015 AT 10:42 AM The official website for House Republicans has posted on YouTube a version of President Obama’s State of the Union address which cuts out comments where the President was critical of Republican rhetoric on climate change, ThinkProgress has learned.

Social Media Working Group Act of 2015

*there are reference and investigation tools listed in the sidebar if  you wish to investigate this further. I'm only posting it because I know many of my readers are interested in this area of activity Current, and In the Senate: Passed House without amendment (02/02/2015) (This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The summary has been expanded because action occurred on the measure.) Social Media Working Group Act of 2015 (Sec. 2) Amends the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) a social media working group (the Group) to provide guidance and best practices to the emergency preparedness and response community on the use of social media technologies before, during, and after a terrorist attack or other emergency. Requires the Group to submit an annual report that includes: (1) a review of current and emerging social media technologies being used to support

Eight Traits of the (dis)Informationalist

The author of this has a few other lists which make for interesting reading but not exactly scientific level of analysis. Still, since the web site that they were originally written for no longer exists and I can't seem to find contact for him right now, I felt they were too good as "points of interest" to let slip away completely. Also, the observations were interesting to me on other levels, and I'll be referring to these posts when I get around to indulging in those interest areas. So, again, I didn't write these, nor is their posting on this blog a sign of condoning or agreeing with the body of information presented.

Student Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act -- All Student Data to be Accessable

Student Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act Summary The Student Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act would require the [State Board of Education/State Department of Education] to make publicly available an inventory and index of all data elements with definitions of individual student data fields currently in the statewide longitudinal data system

Discovering Mood and Feel through Grammar

Words fascinate me. They always have. If I never sold a article, or novel, I would still be a writer. What amazes me more, is the words we have to describe modes of speech/text.  Like when the restaurant host has reached the point that -- he doesn't care that this is your first date with the love of your life anymore, and comes to your table an hour and a half after he locked the door, to say "You need to leave in ten minutes, we have to close." That has a name. It's called a "boulomaic modality." boulomaic modality Definition - A type of modality that expresses what is possible or necessary given someone's desires. And my recent interest: Hendiadys:  express a single idea by two nouns instead of a noun and its qualifier. The effect of this method is an amplification that adds force. "He came despite the rain and weather." -- Instead of -- "He came despite the rainy weather" The first has a stronger sound. You don&#

Some thoughts on Political Details

Details, they say, are the dwellings of devils. I'm always a little amazed at the "vital" particle -- and its slight stature compared to the body of work it brings to life. I have spent days in furious and obsessive search for that "detail" -- which once turned out to be a date : It was 1987 when Eric discovered the nation was insane.  and once, a flowering herb: "Hemlock water dropwort" (Oenanthe crocata) the plant responsible for producing the sardonic grin . The candidate for the "sardonic herb," a neurotoxic plant used for the ritual killing of elderly people in pre-Roman Sardinia. When these people were unable to support themselves, the herb was given to them as an intoxicant and once in the grip of the poison, they were dropped from a high rock or beaten to death. It was also said to cause rictus laughter from the victim before death. -- that was such a cool find though. Details. It is so little we need, but what we need is

Razor Ready to Parse and Diagnose A Propaganda Message

This article that we are going to take apart and explore is a good sample of the propaganda currently being pushed out into the Internet. It was published back in October, and it is in reference to the College Board Advanced Placement US History course . The AP History course has had a consistent single complaint. Every year the teachers have voiced this complaint. For the last 20 years, History teachers across the nation told the College Board that the course was too stringently defined. There was no room in the AP Course for "Teaching."  The course was laid out completely, with nearly an hour-by-hour description. The teacher's felt that they were unable to explore or contribute. "You didn't even need to be a teacher. A recording would have done," said one teacher. In 2013 the crew at the College Board working on the AP US History, came up with an idea to solve this problem. They defined a Framework , which had in it the main ideas, the conc

ALEC wants our Schools

I discovered a copy of ALEC's Report Card book v18 The general academic feeling is the report card fails .  I think they missed the point of the publication. That happens when you are an academic and still believe order and reason are viable goals. It is fitting that ALEC begins the v17 version with this paragraph: In World War II, Great Britain suffered a series of crushing defeats. From the conquest of her continental allies and an ignominious evacuation at Dunkirk to the loss of Singapore in the east, Great Britain was under attack. Germany stood as a colossus with its boot on the throat of Europe. Under the assumption there was no way to win, “realistic” members of the British aristocracy advised reaching an accommodation with Germany. Winston Churchill refused to surrender while the Royal Air Force successfully fought off the German Luftwaffe over the skies of England, deterring a German invasion. Yeah, WWII, the days of Hitler and the Big Lie. Perfect. "All

Follow up on the Wage Gap With Obama

Before I get started, a great deal of the information I've been able to gather and process for the last few days is due to a programmer who created a very cool little program to transform JSON data base files into CSV data tables .  But... since he is Secret Squirrel on his website, I don't know his name. However, if you are using JSON files check him out. He's got an editor on there as well. Since I have not heard anything about this, I decided to ask the source at  and I encourage you to do the same.

Selling compliance to the unwilling requires Inovation

You might believe that that Corporate use of Aggressive Persuasion is something you don't need to be concerned about -- and that belief might be yours, or painstakingly inserted into your decision matrix for you. After all, you do want to be compliant, right? So you were eventually going arrive at that belief anyway, right? So, no problem then. Corporations -- All about Convenience .  From the strategy page of a Corporate Marketing Agency: Compliant behaviour is associated with conformity to institutional rules, and so, when people choose not to comply they stand answerable to consequences, which in an institutional or legal framework, could result in penalties such as fines, community service or legal action  (cf. Harvey and McCrohan, 1988; May, 2005). Thus, the word voluntary must be used with some caution in the context of social marketing frameworks.  Social marketers should encourage compliance by using message appeals (in this context not simply message framing) t

46 And 2 Just Ahead of Me

Sweet Cover - This is one of my favorite songs. The 'shadow' refers to Carl Jung's theories on the development of "shadow" selves which build up inside of us -- the ideals we believe ourselves to be - the guilt and shame that we believe ourselves to be because we didn't live up to those ideals 46 and 2 is Carl Jung's thoughts concerning (and later expounded upon by Drunvalo Melchizedek) the possibility of reaching a state of evolution at which the body would have two more than the normal 46 total chromosomes and leave a currently disharmonious state. The premise is that humans would deviate from the current state of human DNA which contains 44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes. The next step of evolution would likely result in human DNA being reorganized into 46 and 2 chromosomes Ha! You thought you were going to get through the day without learning something... Sucker!

Role of the Federal Government in Public Education

I was asked some questions about the Federal Involvement with local schools. through the form I have . This was a few days ago, but there was a lot of ground to cover. First off, after checking through pile after pile of data, the Common Core has absolutely no effect on the Federal involvement with the schools except to give them "less" reason for interacting. This report about Oklahoma (a news report) gave the indication that since they dropped CCSS, the Federal Government had more reason to be involved. I have a letter to a few to state school board members asking for a clarification on that statement, and I'll post that here as soon as I get an answer. That's a messed up story. Everyone wanted the CCSS after experiencing it, and the state law makers took it anyway. Now they have no standards, the state is out a huge amount of money, plus the money they have to expend to create their own standards. And are any of those people who talked the state gov in to giv

Never as New as You Think

Special Message to the Congress Proposing a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan February 6, 1974 To the Congress of the United States: One of the most cherished goals of our democracy is to assure every American an equal opportunity to lead a full and productive life. In the last quarter century, we have made remarkable progress toward that goal, opening the doors to millions of our fellow countrymen who were seeking equal opportunities in education, jobs and voting. Now it is time that we move forward again in still another critical area: health care. Without adequate health care, no one can make full use of his or her talents and opportunities. It is thus just as important that economic, racial and social barriers not stand in the way of good health care as it is to eliminate those barriers to a good education and a good job. Three years ago, I proposed a major health insurance program to the Congress, seeking to guarantee adequate financing of health care on a nationwide b

Excuse Me?
Check this Box?
Are you Six?

Dear Democratic Party whose email list I would like to leave.... So, your Opt-Out page, instead of being just a click, like professionals do it, is asking me why I'm leaving. Fine. You don't engage me. I dont' know. Maybe its because I'm countering propaganda from these activists against CCSS or the research I do, ... maybe I'm jaded. But I really get the impression that you don't care about what you are doing, or why. I get this mental image of a blue/gray office and half-hearted interests. I get the vision of "screw this.." blasting off the emails. But seriously...I was close to shutting down on  this one... Do you believe that we should give middle-class families a tax break by closing corporate tax loopholes? And then two buttons? Yes? No? This is the political version of " Do you like me? Check the box if you do ." from grade school. To the members of the meeting you had, who dedicated all of their skill to produce a  m

Moments to Cherish
Where is The Line?

It was Oct 30th, 1938, and young Orson Wells came through the doors of his studio with a grin on his face. It wasn't exactly a grin born of humor, or good will. It wasn't the kind of grin you would reciprocate. In fact, anyone could tell just by looking at him he was up to no good. Unfortunately, this was radio, and none of his listeners would be able to see that grin. The Mercury Theater on The Air began right on time. Yes it did. A time when families would gather around the radio in the evening to enjoy their favorite shows. And they were gathering, They were getting popcorn and drinks. They were getting pillows and hushing each other because the show was starting. And even though they were all aware that the show was beginning, many people (a few hundred thousand), didn't hear, the little tag line at the end of the announcer's introduction. "H.G. Wells, the War Of The Worlds" Apart from his admittedly imperfect methods of estimating the audience a

What You Know
And the Pain It Causes
Cognitive dissonance

"Before we try to explain something, we should be sure it actually happened."--Ray Hyman My son mentioned today that everyone dies of the same thing, a  loss of homeostasis . Which is true. Our bodies rely on many variables to remain within strict parameters, which maintain our homeostasis. Any one of them: body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing capacity and activity -- any of them losing their required value and we are dead. The rest is merely details. Cognitive dissonance arises when external information contradicts an already held belief. The way all of us normally deal with this is NOT to rationally compare two competing theses and resolve conflicts using reason and available evidence. Rather, we react in the same way we react to a physical threat. We instinctively fight against information that threatens our beliefs, inventing any means of defense possible.

Aggressive Persuasion
Time Distortion. Technique

Name:   Time Distortion.  / Engage the Future Type:   Perception Alteration Medium:  In Person or Voice Call - Text is possible but challenging Chance of Encounter:  Med/Low Typical Target:  One-to-One though Mass Media is Possible -- Challenging though Setup, Conditions, or Environment: Framing highly suggested prior to engagement.  If campaign requires text, framing requirement becomes even more advised.  Description of Handling:   The handling means an act of influencing public opinion through specific action so manipulated people will have the impression that they are acting according to their own ideas and interests. In fact, they take an idea, or an opinion that does not belong to them, but has been induced by various means. .One of the simplest is the technique of Time Distortion.  Researchers today, call this False Memory or Memory Distortion . This technique refers to a decision that the client is trying to take. Speaking (Communicating) to them as if the decision

Mainstream - Hank Green
Derision - Propaganda

Robert Earll, who I called Bobby, like everyone else we hung out with, was one of the writers for Ironsides, and then Starsky & Hutch. You know the episode where Starsky's wife dies of cancer? The one that got all those awards? He wrote that -- after his wife died of cancer. That's how writers deal with things like that, we write about them.  So, anyway, Bobby never felt like he really belonged in Hollywood, making a ton of money and writing for a living. He didn't have a degree. Hell, his only serious schooling was through a correspondence course while he lived in Las Vegas. Nope, not joking at all. It was sort of a strange assemblage of accidents that got one of his assignments into the hands of the producer of Ironsides as well.  About ten years into a solid career he took a young man to work with him, who wanted to get into to writing TV shows as well.  Bobby told me that this guy was absolutely insatiable the whole day.  "He just wouldn't stop! H

a Touch of Aristotle - You Tweet - I Tweet

Do I know more than You? Maybe. Probably not. I'm so focused into narrow areas of attention that I might know more about a narrow segment of a topic than you do, but current events? Like, what is happening on my front lawn? Eh... not so much. Perfect example is that I ordered speakers for my laptop two weeks ago. Just this morning I realized that they didn't arrive. So I got on to the website to check it out. They were delivered ten days ago to the address I lived at 15 years ago. However, there are a few places I probably have more fun. Well. My kind of fun. For example, this is probably close to how you Tweet. The Twitter of Every Day Use And this is more my style (see how they are all running around in a circle chasing tweets that upset them?... ah.. the teas are fun). This image is created using NodeXL Which is a plugin for Excel which connects to Twitter, and then allows you to create functionality

The Malleable Variance of What We Call Time

In his Rhetoric, Aristotle acknowledges that it would be better if we could make our case without either browbeating or flattering the audience; nothing should matter except "the bare facts." He laments, "other things affect the result considerably, owing to the defects of our hearers." Your perception of time does not adhere to "world time." You might have the opinion that I should have said, 'does not always adhere to world time', but that's a lie. Your sense of time is as easily disturbed as a puddle of mud, and just as transparent. If a man with a bass voice reads a script at exactly the same speed as a man with a tenor voice, the bass voice feels slower, by a notable degree. When your body temperature is high, your sense of time is also slowed. In one experiment, subjects with fevers were asked to count to 60 at one number per second. Without exception, they counted much faster. Having a low body temperature  you would count