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Student Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act -- All Student Data to be Accessable

Student Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act
The Student Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act would require the [State Board of Education/State Department of Education] to make publicly available an inventory and index of all data elements with definitions of individual student data fields currently in the statewide longitudinal data system

Like that? Jane Robbins wrote that for them. That's the Legislation she writes for the American Principles Project -- which is owned by ALEC. That's how much she cares about your kids, and their education. She is working to remove public education so it can be completely replaced by corporate schools with no Federal Oversight to protect the kids or the parents. Without the federal Dept of Education, the schools will drop back into what they were before Lyndon Johnson - back to poor facilities and tight-fisted budgets from local taxes -- daycare centers -- where only the very lucky and self-motivated learned anything. Back to the early 60s where you were lucky if your Teacher had a year or two of College -- Right smack in the Information Age, where McDonalds requires math and computer literacy. 

But WAIT! If you Act Now Against the COMMON CORE ... Our Bought and Paid for State Congressmen will bring you the...

Honest Transcript Act

The Honest Transcript Act looks to correct grade inflation by requiring all public colleges and universities to include on student transcripts—alongside the individual grade the student received for each class—the average grade given by the professor for the entire class. This would help potential employers learn whether a given high grade-point average signifies superlative talent or merely that the student completed undemanding courses.
The bill does not seek to make universities do anything differently; it only asks them to make transparent for students, parents, and taxpayers what it is they are doing.

How about that one? That's pretty good right? As soon as you drop Common Core we can put that through -- because we need to lower those standards. And now 
On to the Corporation School!    weee!

Resolution on Title 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Since 1965, the Title 1 programs of the federal Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) has failed to boost the academic achievement of the students the program purports to serve,
WHEREAS, the federal involvement in education ties the hands of the states with mandates, paperwork, and bureaucracy,
WHEREAS, Congress does not allow states to consolidate the funds in the Title 1 programs of ESEA program to help existing state reforms and in some cases hinders state reform,
Now therefore be it resolved that: the {legislative body} of the state of {name of state} urges Congress to empower {name of state} with the ability to tie Title 1 dollars to students and allow them to carry the money to the school or providence of their choice (depending on the extent of state constitutional law). read the rest here

Ok, yeah most of that is complete and utter bullshit, because we already have that, but this will remove the Federal Oversight, which means we can get the money, AND SELL OFF THE SCHOOLS! So don't worry, we got this. Remember that We Own these politicians at the State Level. Remember Texas! Remember the Alamo! Hell, We Own the State School Board!... You Just TRUST Uncle ALEC! We'll push that through with no trouble at all. 
Hey, why the long face? I'm sure your kids will talk to you again, some day.
  And you should see what we have on the Block!  

Rome has been waiting  a long
time for this. If you act now
We could have this wrapped up
                by Christmas!                 


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