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Noam Chomsky and the Engineering of Consent

Thought Control in a Democratic Society

The Water Army

We initiate a systematic study to help distinguish a special group of online users, called hidden paid posters, or termed "Internet water army" in China, from the legitimate ones. On the Internet, the paid posters represent a new type of online job opportunities. They get paid for posting comments or articles on different online communities and websites for hidden purposes, e.g., to influence the opinion of other people towards certain social events or business markets. While being an interesting strategy in business marketing, paid posters may create a significant negative effect on the online communities, since the information from paid posters is usually not trustworthy. When two competitive companies hire paid posters to post fake news or negative comments about each other, normal netizens may feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to put any trust in the information they acquire from the Internet. In this paper, we thoroughly investigate the behavioral pattern of onli

So, like Bullshit, OK?

Paul Siegel is a man I've been learning quite a bit about and in doing so I've been distracted into far reaching areas of examination probing references from his fantastic book on the First Amendment of the Constitution and Communication in the US. These are points of interest for me right now, with everything I'm doing with the FTC, and my Law proposal, as well as my book on aggressive persuasion.  This next bit isn't actually in the book, but he writes on his website that it probably should have been.  And this  excerpt is from one of his pages on his web site on the acceptance of a policy which made it mandatory to teach Creationism in public schools. 

Aggressive Persuasion - Technical Authority technique

Today's Aggressive Persuasion Spotlight falls on the technique known as: Technical Authority Name:   Technical Authority Type:   An Automatic Behavior Medium: Text, Internet, News, In Person, Video, Voice Recording Chance of Encounter: High Typical Target: Large Groups, Mass Media Setup, Conditions, or Environment:   This technique is best used in an environment of multi-level confliction, without overbearing conflict. For example, a problem is perceived through the latest results of a report, that the math standards of the state of California are not providing a needed element. Opinions have been given suggesting, clarity of requirements, limited or vague instruction, low level of expectation, expectations are too high, and fosters an environment which allows too many methods. However, none of these are clear enough to take a stand on at this point. Automatic Behaviors are frequently underestimated, not recognized when engaged, and commonly attributed to some other ori

A look at Aggressive Persuasion on the Internet

The Condition is well known and implicit.The Indoctrinated will fight to defend their conditioning -- Jane Robbins on Using Social Engineering on the Internet to Maintain Party Loyalty, Jan 24th 2013 She's right of course. It is a fool's errand to fight against those who have accepted a conditioning -- expecting to win. And, I want to be upfront on this -- the conditioning, it is not a sign of weakness, any more than having a bleeding hole in your chest is a sign of weakness after you've been shot. The human brain, in evolutionary terms, is still fairly young -- with the frontal lobes and upper hemispheres being even younger than that. Language is also more powerful than we give it credit. I was first introduced to indoctrinated minds when I was 20. I took the position as the personal security of a man named Ted Patrick.

The Open Letter to
James Milgram The Inciter

Professor James Milgram has been around for some time. In 1996 he left his place at Stanford and without invitation came to California, introduced himself as a expert of Education and began making claims, which had no basis, and he didn't have any real experience with the education of K-12. He strode in on reputation as a mathematician alone. Now... that reputation was fairly solid at that time, and as he was sure would happen, the people he approached endowed reputation with more than it warranted. The Math Wars had begun several years later, and this was his next target. On reputation he could only do so much. Very soon other tactics were introduced to the traditionalists side -- tactics no one would expect academics to use on each other. September 20, 2002 Professor James Milgram Department of Mathematics Stanford University Stanford, CA Jim I am replying to you with an open letter. Events of this past week or so have dismayed me and brought me to ask if my view

Of Men, Women, and
Orange Goo

In response to Rob Port, and the “ Bad Data Used to Justify Gender Pay in Legislation” This is probably the most naive article I've ever read. I'm stunned yet again this evening and I've only read three things on this site. -- at least I'm hoping that it is naive. Otherwise we're looking at either dreadfully challenged in the "short-bus & Scooby-Do lunch box" way, or sexist denier on the "foaming mouth" level. "Here’s another inconvenient fact for the narrative:77 percent of human resources positions are held by women. Given that HR personnel are deeply involved in the areas of hiring, pay, promotion, and investigating workplace discrimination it’s a little hard to believe that all there’s an institutional bias against women…perpetrated by other women." -- Rob Port Yes... because your low-paid HR person, frequently seen as an "over-paid secretary" -- and who you would not have at all if you could get away with it

Who the Hell are All of these Experts?

I was just reading over a story on Democracy Now! about the sudden flood of Terrorist Experts hitting the Media after the attack in Paris. How to Be a Terror "Expert": Ignore Facts, Blame Muslims, Trumpet U.S. Propaganda Who are the so-called terrorism experts? In the wake of the Paris attacks, the corporate media has once again flooded its news programs with pundits claiming authority on terrorism, foreign policy and world events. (read the story if interested) I reflected that this was much the same situation we have with US Education, Common Core, Teachers and what Data should be collected, and why. To be an Education Expert, apparently all that is required is to stand up and start proclaiming you are one. No credentials, experience level, or history of success in the field is required. Also, no references are needed either. Dr. Sandra Stotsky : No educational experience of any merit. No degree in education, zero history of success, no peer references. Dr. James

Am I the only one who thinks it's a waste of tax dollars to guard a tomb?

An open response to Hank Green, and his insightful Response to Cable News

Written in response to Hank Green's Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President Yes, but there’s a little more to it… Like most things in life, if you scratch the surface of understanding, you are frequently engulfed in the complexity of even the simplest of issues. Your points are valid and easily verified. Your concerns are as well. News content has a powerful impact on politics, with ideologically diverse content producing socially desirable outcomes. According to the U.S. Supreme Court (1945),

International Core's - Fool Your Friends! Benchmark At Home!

Finland Core  Singapore Core This is really exactly what it looks like. Instead of taking the time to make this more attractive and a more stable, maintainable feature, I've taken the lazy way out and slapped them into a post.

The Letter Requesting James Milgram to be Removed from Stanford Professorship 2002

This letter was signed and supported by 1007 academic supporters in 2002 as a protest against James Milgram, his lack of professionalism, his intimidation methods and the outright assault on Professor Jo Boaler of Stanford University Dear President Hennessy and Provost Etchemendy: On November 1, 2012, Professor Jo Boaler of Stanford University gave a keynote address at the meeting of the North American chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA). In her address, Professor Boaler discussed the importance of communicating research with broader audiences and recognizing and facing the challenging political climates in which we work. Professor Boaler made public the troubling attacks to which she has been subjected from a member of your mathematics faculty, Professor James Milgram. She has also posted a detailed account ( of these attacks. The response, from the research community around the world, has been

First man killed in the American Revolution

A bit of interesting trivia I just came across. I wonder at the validity, considering the circumstances of his death, but it seems to be witnessed and confirmed by several of the people at the protest in journals and in a news paper. So, may I present the first person to die for our country while actively involved in defending and promoting its right to exist.

HankGreen and Edu Tool Kits

Hank Green from Vlog Brothers (a damn cool show) talks briefly about two problems he feels we have with our Education system And then he gets to interview the President of the United States

The Education Wars
The Achievements of James Milgram

100%/x%=800/26 (100/x)*x=(800/26)*x       100=30.769230769231 * x   (30.769230769231) to get x 100/30.769230769231=x  3.25=x  x=3.25 26 is 3.25% of 800 Just trying to get into the Spirit of things. And actually, that's the most math I've done for a whole year. I might have counted a couple of times how many slices of pizza were left, and made an estimation of probability on the chances of me finishing the slice I already had, before my son snaked the last one -- but that is really all I use math for estimations and probability. I do love data though. I consume a great deal of data.

Milgram -- Inciter of
the Math Wars

Do you recall the Math Wars? I think anyone who was a researcher or near the academic world at least heard about them. Prof James Milgram is probably one of the last soldiers standing -- which seems appropriate since from many accounts, he started them. They began, in true form, the declaration being called, in 1994, though there are some references to 1987, which I'm not sure count -- signs of where things were leading? ... Definitely. Education, public education, especially in the areas of Math and ELS are terrible. I believe... I haven't checked this though I'll probably confirm some time soon  ...  that they are worse than they were in the 50s.

Questions and Research on Common Core
Real Research, Qualified Answers

I Don't Charge, but a Tip would be nice Other than the guidelines below I invite any questions you have. Need to know where to find some resources for Homeschooling? Want to know how CCSS is being accepted by schools, teachers? ( no students, that is not legal). Where to find Education Scores? Do other countries use Common Core? How many people Really helped with writing CCSS?  Who is this Robbins person and Why should I believe her? Loading...

It is Not that We Can't Be Like Finland
....well... that's not really ... um...

So I'm out on the Web looking for the Finnish Education Standards for 6th Grade Math -- why? Well, because Finnland is the number one country in the world in the area of Education. And, they kick the hell out of the US -- we're like 23 or 27 or something (32). Right? So, this guy, Milgram is going around saying that the CCSS Math (which he helped write) isn't good enough to accept as a school standard. He likes to point at 6th grade. So, I'm out looking for Finnland's 6th grade Standards -- which are written in Finnish *sigh* There has to be a copy somewhere in English. So, anyway, I found out some cool stuff about this International Rockstar in of Education.

Malala Yousafzai - Jon Stewart Interview

For those who might be confused, This is a News interview -- though this is a Comedian performing it -- which is somewhat Ironic since Fox News are Experts and Reporters performing Comedy.

Reasonable Expectation

Most states have Consumer Protection laws, which protect their citizens against fraud, falsehoods and scams. Such laws in action say that there are expectations inherent in products, which any reasonable person would regard as expected to exist, and to function correctly without explicit claim by the seller, which the seller is to be responsible for their condition and existence. You can generally discover your state's protections in the statutes regarding contracts, agreements, and then consumer protection areas. The consumer protection areas are generally less informative because these statutes are generally newer than the contract and agreement laws, and were drafted for specific situations and purposes which were not covered already by transaction, contract, and agreement statutes already in place and applicable. The purpose of these statutes are for various areas, but an example would be -- When you buy a new car from the lot, it is reasonable to assume that the car has:

Missing Robin

Mr Gates, when did you realize you're creating monopoly! Monopoly is just a game, senator. I'm trying to control the fucking world. Have you seen Windows Millenium? Right now it's Information Technology. Soon it will be Total Information Technology. TIT. And when you're sucking on the tit, I have you by the motherboard. Don't be afraid!

Greetings Mayor Pagano

Public letter to the current Mayor of St. Peters, MO I've been looking at your actions and writing about them. I intend to write much more. I also intend to see that you are removed from office as soon as possible. You are a threat to the Democracy of this country. You have already taken it too far. If you would have read the constitution of your state you would have seen that at no point, ever, are the citizens of the State of Missouri ever relieved of their power. You looked at  Missouri Revised Statutes -- Chapter 71 Provisions Relative to All Cities and Towns    It would have been advisable to begin at Chapter 1

Missouri... You have the Hammer!

I was just on a comment area, and the citizens of Missouri were talking as if this is beyond their control until the next election. MIssouri! Look at your Constitution! You Are RAMBO in situations like these - more than any other body of government in the whole UNION, you have absolute power in this situation. I just pulled the the statutes. The last two posts have them. YOU have a part that says, (paraphrased) "Yes, we accept the US Constitution as it is, right now... but... IF you add something.. we reserve the right not to accept that. We'll look it over and get back to you." You have a STATE Gov. Wipeout button.... yes. Total removal of all state government, including the constitution. And then, you have in the Statues, the power to run your state from that point... has to be in the statutes, because the Constitution is gone... see how that works? Do not wait because you feel you have no power in this situation. YOU have ALL the power in this situation.

State Constitution Challenge

I can't believe I actually thought Missouri's Constitution was a bit soft last night. I've read over its protections from its own government several times now and ... wow. I even posted Washington's as a comparison. -- no comparison. Which gave me an Idea. I'm going to make a tour of the State Constitutions, and look at their individual protection measures from the Legislation of the State. Citizen Protection from Government Dictatorship are built-in measures most of the state's have in their State Rights. I am told by a fairly reliable source that every state has this written into the constitution, and that it was one of the things every state had to have. Like each state had to have a Blaine Law.

Missouri Is More Interesting than I Believed
Except for the stupid people.

City officials in St. Charles, Missouri seek to invalidate the decision of three out of four residents who voted to ban red light cameras. St Charles courthouse. Three towns in Missouri joined together to sue the the residents of St. Charles who voted to ban red light cameras. St. Peters, Lake Saint Louis and O'Fallon are asking a county circuit court judge to overturn the charter amendment banning automated enforcement adopted in November with the support of 73 percent of voters. City leaders argue that the 69,469 residents who voted for the measure had no business limiting the right of local politicians to use automated ticketing machines. "The charter amendment invades the legislative jurisdiction of cities in contravention of state policy, and conflicts with the authority specifically delegated to cities by the state to address their specific needs including traffic and enforcement of traffic regulations," attorney Matthew J. Fairless wrote in the cities' co

Job Hunting?
Resume is a Traditional Method

Adopt the marketing mindset Hit the library, or hit the websites of Social Media Marketing professionals. Learn how to Engage, rather than make a presentation. Seek out methods of Emotional Connection -- which doesn't mean smoothing them up for a date, but rather connecting with them on the level of their interest, and their priority. Set the tone inside their need and fill that need. In-method, change your interview into a collaborative business meeting and start working. Trust me, once any employer is engaged at that level, you have the job.  Marketers have been tackling the problems of differentiating their product from competitors’ and becoming the go-to consumer brand for years. It’s a constant struggle, and they consistently have to up their game to stay in the race. Like them, you want to stand out among your peers. Applying these specific marketing tactics will help you leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

I Got an Idea!
For MLK Day Lets
See the Tea Party
Honor the Slave Owners and Treasonists!

I'm... no... I'm just going to stay out of this one. I'm sure I'll rant later, but really ... what good is that going to do? Anyone that this makes sense to, isn't someone you can talk to. About anything really.

Excuse me...
but You Have
Snot In your Brain

Take a look at this... Low Interest Story on Traffic Lights As you can tell, I don't really care about the damn traffic lights or this county in Missouri. In fact, I was deep-searching the web site to see what they were cooking up for local legistrators this week, and had done another search prior, which brought this traffic light story up -- just a normal irrelevant search result (SERP). I was about to close it when this line caught my attention. City leaders argue that the 69,469 residents who voted for the measure had no business limiting the right of local politicians to use automated ticketing machines. The voters... The Voters had no right telling the politicians what they could and could not do.

OMG Stop!

Yes, dear readers... more Bill Gates stuff. I promise an aritcle with something interesting tomorrow, but this is blowing my mind. "Bill Gates is trying to indocrinate our youth ..." with the purpose of (?) seeing the world as he wants them to? Liking him? Turning them all in to Republicans? Because, yes, after all over the last 20 years with everyone gazing into their computers, every one of those Microsoft users intensly focused and avidly paying attention to the screen hour after hour, year after year... All of those people like Bill now. I see that his indoctrination skills are well honed and effective. We should consider this possibility strongly and watch for signs of our kids suddenly believing that the Republican party is good for them. Yes, Bill Gates is a solid and unapoligetic Republican, not a democrat. Nor is he much of a tree hugger. Don't mistake his Foundation's work, with being Liberal. He is not liberal at all. Next? "Bill Gates Droppe

Because of Gates...
Are you really
that stupid?

To my normal readers... just give this one a pass. I'm so going to Rant.  No, really, watch this. Another Great Show by Last Week Tonight. Now... I have been told by too many people now that one acedemic study or another is invalid, because Bill Gates paid for it to happen. I know this is incredibaly hard to believe, but I have actually had people who claim they are High School Science Teachers... yes Science teachers, tell me this amazingly ignorant statement. What is their proof? On what factual grounds do they base this wildly irresponsible statement on?

Education is a Beast
Failed, Whipped and Brutalized

Do  you know the average education level of the teachers in your district? Any idea what the qualifications are for being on the your local district school board? These are two facts you should know, because they will undoubtedly alter your perspective instantly. My first real look at the animal known as Local Education was Colorado in Sept of last year. The StandUp Kids. I was hunting Larry Krieger --

Evidence Based Claims

New Resource, or at lease new to me. A comprehensive lesson set on Evidence-Based Claims. Be sure to look around the site while you are there. They have some very cool stuff going on. A good place for the Homeschooler to be checking once in a while.

It is a Trait,
Not A Skill

I admit with open arms that I might not get everything right. That's why I have all of these notes, and make links to everything and make sure I have citations. And-- if it a complicated issue with mashing journal papers... I write and wait a day. There's hardly ever anything "Breaking" in the blog world. A day between often shows things in a different light. Put it this way-- I've never thought it was a waste to wait. But I don't lie and I pray I don't hold on to false beliefs. Deceit is a trait, not a skill. People put it down as a skill, or an event, or a necessity of a moment, but it isn't. It is a trait. If you do it, and do it often, you have ... done it before and often as well.

The Standard Stotsky Built

What You Really Need To Know

I could tell it was there, just couldn't put my finger on it. Sandra Stotsky begins her bio on her Univeristy of Arkansas Professor page with this: Sandra Stotsky  is credited with developing one of the country’s strongest sets of academic standards for K-12 students as well as the strongest academic standards and licensure tests for prospective teachers while serving as Senior Associate Commissioner in the Massachusetts Department of Education from 1999-2003.  Both the current and the archived frameworks show this isn't the case. The archive was created in 1997, two years before she arrives. The present is a hybrid with Common Core. No mention of her helping with either of the projects she claims is anywhere on the Edu websites. Emails requesting clarification are not responded to. 

More and More Benchmarking

It is not possible! It is Not Possible! It is Madness! It's Gates! It's Gates I tell you! He's The Devil! Um... we'll get back to the raving maniac in a bit... just try to ... just don't make eye-contact. I keep finding more documented benchmarking. It is getting to be a little tiresome actually. I'm wondering if we left anyone out? I'm sure we did. Why benchmark against countries whose idea of rapid math is counting the flies on a dead yak? This one is kind of a cool find though. It is sort of a closer between Australia and the US. Recall from an earlier post that Micheal Watt pulled up a chair between 2007 and 2009, to watch two countries plan, develop, innovate and benchmark their way through creating Core Standards. He noted in detail the marked similarities and differences between the two teams, and how they proceeded from step to step. He did this across the Internet, as each team would announce their next goal, then publish methods, then publi

Stotsky's Thoughts
on Stotsky's Criteria

Professor Sandra Stotsky loves to play the tune that the Common Core State Standards were not Benchmarked against International Standards. As shown several times on many posts, this isn't true -- and not even close to being true for that matter, as the Common Core was Benchmarked against International Standards a recorded four separate times by over 100 people, and then the Validation team (29 individuals) benchmarked them again during that process over the period of six months. Since Stotsky really didn't participate in that process I guess she couldn't have known the extent of effort which went into it -- which brings up a few interesting questions: Does Stotsky reference and utilize International Standards when she is evaluating or researching Standards?  Does she even ask for the opinion or advice of others in the field?  Does Stotsky see anyone else's advice or opinion more valuable than her own?  Does Stotsky see anyone else's advice or opinion as equa

On the Threshold of
Public Debunk
Thugs Choose Violence

The "Expert" the group calling themselves "Citizens for Sound Academic Standards" has chosen to champion for them against Common Core, Dr. James Milgram, is an unstable man. Professors at Stanford report him as unprofessional, and dangerous. AND Currently, the FBI is looking into his possible use of children in a research project, possibly breaking the laws we have against using children in experiments. At a Nevada Symposium, where Nevada educators were invited to debate with James Milgram, the teachers were met with violence. Propagandist have been quick to decry this claim by saying that the teachers were not invited to "speak" and that the symposium, despite the meaning of the word "symposium" was always intended to be a lecture instead. This propaganda claim is shown to be exactly what it is -- a cover-up -- by the efforts of this propagandist group itself,  -- placing an ad o

Pony Show Drops Its Mask.
The Ugly Face of Propaganda

I've already read the Propagandist Cover up on this -- They are putting out the message that the Teachers were not invited to talk.. when in fact.. on Jan 07th, the Group that was organizing this made a really big deal about this being a discussion. So then today, The Newsrelease is this:

Open/Edu Continues
to Grow

Open Education Taking Whole Cities at a Time Discouraged with the Texas State School Board, and their Indoctrination Curriculum, and the only available school books being erroneous (at best), El Paso schools knew they had to do something to protect their students. What? And How? were the issues though. How could they supply, with the little budget they were given, materials, lessons and books for the whole city? Where would they get them? It really didn't look good. Even if they were willing to accept used books that were out of date, they couldn't find the quantity they needed in time. Then they discovered cK-12, an OpenEdu collective and repository. cK-12 supplied them with full curriculum, books, materials and a huge repository of lesson plans, all fully Core compliant. cK-12 also introduced them to the vast resources that OpenEdu could offer them, and showed them the level of development these resources offered.

No International Benchmark?
No Valid Source of Credibility?

Is That what he told you? The Movement for National Academic Standards: A Comparison of the Common Core State Standards Initiative in the USA and the National Curriculum in Australia Watt, Michael, Oct 2-4, 2009 ERIC Number: ED506524 Benchmarking standards against state, national and international standards, using a research-based process for decision making, reviewing successive drafts by stakeholders, and conducting an independent validation characterise the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Specifying plans and guidelines, inventing and refining standards, using a consensus-building process for decision making, and reviewing successive drafts by stakeholders characterise the national curriculum initiative in Australia. Jason Zimba reports (in the New England Journal of Public Policy) ... there were fifty-one people in the Mathematics Work Team, twenty-two people in the Mathematics Feedback Group,


Common elementary math textbooks in the U.S. cover almost twice as many topics per grade as do Singapore’s. As a result, math textbooks in Singapore expect students to complete about one thorough lesson on a single topic per week, while U.S. students are expected to complete about one lesson on a narrowly focused topic each day . Everyday stress after stress after stress.                      -or- Four High Stress Tests a Year Hey, I'm still good with the Opt-Out. In Singapore, schools use a national examination to identify upper elementary grade students who are having difficulty in math. Those students then receive special instruction based on an adapted curriculum framework taught by trained Mathematics Support Teachers. Importantly, they also receive about 30 percent more math instruction than their peers so that they can cover the same rigorous content, only at a slower pace.

Common Core Demagoguery Has Breached

I really thought we were done with this. The ones to blame however are not the Republicans or the BATs -- but those who run CCSS, and the Dept of Education for not running an Education and Awareness campaign a year ago, or in October -- to educate the public about Common Core, what it is, what it isn't and remove the opposition's ability to just step back into the misinformation spewing. What a year though, huh? Teachers faced scrutiny in 2014 as never before, thanks to a landmark legal case dismantling teacher tenure in California, which sparked copycats lawsuits across the country. If you aren't familiar with this - it was a lawsuit brought against the school teachers/unions dealing with the Tenure of teachers which allowed bad teachers to not be identified and fired. Or at least that was the Press. The students felt that they were not given an education, which should have been expected. Yes, it should have been expected. When you have the high percent of students

Never thought I'd Say this Again

As I shuffle from one level of insanity to another I wonder how these people think this stuff up? It's hard to ask, because there is this thing that is common among the Anti-Core websites -- they don't have comment sections with their articles. There is no way to ask them-- um.. what? And there are a number of questions I have- like the Opt-Out. From what I gather, people wish to Opt their child Out of Common Core teaching, and have them be taught in ... special ed classes ... under a standard that what? What they were being taught before? So, the parent is saying, "I don't want my little girl to be subjected to college and career-level teaching. Teach her that stuff from 1998. It was good enough then, it is good enough now." -- Mississippi Parent of three beautiful children. And you know what? I'm cool with that option. Sure. Let's all stop this bickering and everyone push for the Opt-Out Special Edu for those who want it. Problem solved.

Who is this Diane Ravitch Person?
And Why Do I Care?

Diane Ravitch is like the Rush Limbaugh of Education. She is very popular with the BATs (Badass Teacher's Association.... yes I know that the acronym should then be BTA.. but .. I guess it's a teacher thing). She blogs on the New York Times site. Not sure if she is paid for that or not, but she often has a new post there. Her bio says she ". a historian of education, an educational policy analyst, and a research professor at New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. " More on her extensive background in Education can be found on Wikipedia Ravitch was, from many accounts a highly motivated and active Educator. Her early books show sharp logic, informed views and enlightened foresight which very often prove to be true. Over the years, this changes and you can follow the changes through her prolific writing. Her vocabulary becomes harsher, her vision narrows and soon there are no stars in the sky, only black and whi

How to Lose By Landslide

And Fail Education At the Same Time

In any kind of writing, any kind of communication really, there are unbreakable rules. No, the police won't come arrest you for breaking them, and your 6th-grade English teacher isn't going to fly out of the closet with a red marker. What will happen, in fact, is nothing. Not a damn thing will happen. The reader will simply quit reading, and walk away. The failure to connect will be so strong, they may not return. I've said before that I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. Like a growing number of people in the US, I've turned my back on party, and have taken up the responsibility of voting for who I believe will do the best job. Research isn't as difficult as it was a decade back. There are websites with stockpiles of organized, deep information on every candidate, their history, where they have voted before -- were their actions in line with their voters desires? -- which is what I look at most -- and just about every other dynamic you can think of. But trust

Keeping Up With Your Own Misconception

Driving Yourself Over the Edge

TEENS MISJUDGE HOW WILD  THEIR PEERS REALLY ARE  Posted by Stanford on January 12, 2015 Because teens have dramatic misconceptions about their peers’ sex lives, drug use, and studying habits, it’s possible they’re conforming to social norms that don’t exist. A new study shows that adolescents overestimate the amount of drug and alcohol use and sexual behaviors that many of their peers are engaging in. At the same time, they underestimate the amount of time their peers spend on studying or exercise. (this links to the study this article is based on) “THIS QUEST FOR IDENTITY CAN SOMETIMES LEAD ADOLESCENTS IN THE WRONG DIRECTION” We use to call this Judging your Insides by Other Peoples Outsides... “When they are judging the popular crowd, the jocks, the burnouts, or the brainy kids at school, the gist is that students in these crowds are misperceived,” says Geoffrey Cohen, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education who coauthored the psychology study along with re

Some places to look into

This is Jane Robbins latest article. Posted to Grand Herald. . into the Opinion area. Most papers won't print pieces like this in to the news area. They've done the research and know the flaws of these arguments But they don't mind the traffic they bring in.  It is getting a lot of mentions from the Right, mostly Tea Party on Twitter Stotsky is getting a lot of free mentions through the college  network after writing a paper which stresses that college students read at a 7th grade level. At least that's a topic she might know something about. The American Principles project is increasing frequency. These two are heading for Nevada soon as well --  The visiting experts are   Dr. JameThat is on the s Milgram ,  and  Dr.  Sandra Stotsky , professor emerita at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Education Reform. It is possible that Milgram is going to find a better place to be. I caught him in a lie today. A rather large one. I'm waiting a couple of da

The Case for Annual Testing

By:  Grover J. "Russ" Whitehurst ,  Martin R. West ,  Matthew M. Chingos  and  Mark Dynarski The new U.S. Congress is moving post haste to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). With Republicans in the majority in both houses and the relevant committees chaired by individuals with considerable legislative skills (Lamar Alexander in the Senate and John Kline in the House) the smart money is on Obama seeing a bill in this session. The most recent incarnation of ESEA, signed into law in January of 2002 by President George W. Bush, is the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). NCLB is the seventh reauthorization of ESEA since 1965, which means that Congress historically reworked this legislation roughly every five years. We’re now 13 years into NCLB, so reauthorization is long overdue. It is not just the long delay that argues for congressional action, but the extent to which the Obama administration has replaced the provisions of the bill with its own s

The Words of a Senator

Teachers Are Disengaged from their Employment

This could be the answer to a question I've been trying to solve most of the day. According to a Gaulp Poll, Teachers are not engaged in their work, and even more, some are Actively disengaged. Just 30% of U.S. teachers are engaged in their work Actively disengaged teachers average twice as many absences This article is the first in a series exploring employee engagement among U.S. teachers as measured by Gallup Daily tracking. WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In the U.S., K-12 schoolteachers who are "not engaged" or are "actively disengaged" at work miss an estimated 2.3 million more workdays than teachers who are "engaged" in their jobs.

James Milgram Says He Was the Only Evaluator for Math

Can we get Some Primary Sources here?

All of these disclaimers and not a Primary Document among them. Both Stotsky, who is cheaper than a whore on the edge of a battle field with her opinions, and then this Professor James Milgram... who should probably go to jail. I mean this guy falsifies documentation, harrasses coleges, threatens people, and doesn't have a primary source for anything, and he's going around talking about Common Core like he's the only one with an opinion. He even says this! "I was the only mathematician on the board of evaluation for Common Core." That's what he said. Well, I happen to have a copy of that evaluation. Here's what I find in these pages.

K-12 Mandated Test Requirements

The Testing Every (mis)Informer
Blames Common Core For

What Tests are we Talking About? NCLB and ESEA, as well as the Improving America's Schools Act of 1994 in combination with local State exams results in a battery of tests for students these days. No Child Left Behind requires that, each state must measure every child's progress in reading and math in each of grades 3 through 8 and at least once during grades 10 through 12.

(mis)Information ® Expert Dr. Stotsky

Grossly Misinforms on Common Core

Refuting Dr. Sandra Stotsky  and those like her The only true failure in the development and design of Common Core was the estimation of opposition, and the appreciation of a politician's lack of conscience and total disregard for loyalty. Because of this failure of estimation -- the preparation for opposition was wholly entrusted to a) the writing of a FAQ , and then b) adding to that a Myths and Facts page on the Common Core website. The creators unwisely believed that if people had questions about Common Core, they would go to the web site and discover the answers for themselves. This is laughable, and wholly naive of course. People rarely do anything to educate themselves. This is a well known fact in marketing and it is a crucial cornerstone in propaganda. For propaganda to be fully effective, it must be believed by those who hear it - or at least not fully discounted, and it must be made at a time where discovery of the information which could discredit the propagandi

Christian Group Brings Satanist To High School

Object Lesson for Students
Not one if Not All

In spite of the laws of our land, the Constitution of the State of Florida, and the basic statutes of common sense - The Christian group who call themselves World Changers came to the Orange County Florida School Board meeting and pressured them for many months -- which I believe is technically called badgering -- until the School Board -- obviously driven insane by this point -- relented and agreed to let the World Changers bring Bibles to the high schools. The tomes were to be left for any student who wished to have one -- no charge, no obligation, but of course the World Changer's phone number would be embossed very tactfully on the cover, inside, just in case the student had some questions which their parents or other family members could not answer. Of course all privacy was insured -- though apparently other manners and courtesies were negotiable.

No Child Left Behind

Facts On A Tormenting System

Q. What is No Child Left Behind? A. The law, adopted in 2001, requires annual state tests in reading and mathematics for every child in grades three through eight. Public schools whose scores fail to meet targets two years in a row face consequences that get more severe each year a school falls short. The law requires that schools raise the percentage of students proficient in reading and math to 100 percent within 12 years — which is this year. It hasn’t happened.

Oklahoma Mad as Hell :
Give Common Core Back!

That's right. MORE Federal Involvement not less.  Oklahoma State Board of Education and thousands of parents and students want Common Core back in their schools. In fact, they are keeping Common Core until after the lawsuit they have filed against the state government. After seeing what happened to Nebraska , who could blame them? But the real reason is because Common Core Works! No more lies and fake weeping mothers. No more false Experts found in an alley some place by the Tea Party. Common Core Works! Don't let them take it from your kid. Restore Oklahoma Public Education (R.O.P.E.) is committed to educating tax-paying citizens and parent stakeholders on the ways in which the methods and philosophies used in public education today affect them. From budgetary allotments to curricula, ROPE attempts to make Oklahomans aware of how every dollar spent and every idea taught can actively influence the future voters enrolled in Oklahoma Public Education today.