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There are many different strategies that can be effective for altering habits.  These ' habits ' which I'm addressing are not to be confused with addictions . Addictions include habitual activity, but are much more in scope than merely a quirk we would like to  address in our personality. In fact, addition is in the abnormal section of the psychology library. 

Noam Chomsky and the Engineering of Consent

The Water Army

So, like Bullshit, OK?

Aggressive Persuasion - Technical Authority technique

A look at Aggressive Persuasion on the Internet

The Open Letter to
James Milgram The Inciter

Of Men, Women, and
Orange Goo

Who the Hell are All of these Experts?

Am I the only one who thinks it's a waste of tax dollars to guard a tomb?

An open response to Hank Green, and his insightful Response to Cable News

International Core's - Fool Your Friends! Benchmark At Home!

The Letter Requesting James Milgram to be Removed from Stanford Professorship 2002

First man killed in the American Revolution

HankGreen and Edu Tool Kits

The Education Wars
The Achievements of James Milgram

Milgram -- Inciter of
the Math Wars

Questions and Research on Common Core
Real Research, Qualified Answers

It is Not that We Can't Be Like Finland
....well... that's not really ... um...

Malala Yousafzai - Jon Stewart Interview

Reasonable Expectation

Missing Robin

Greetings Mayor Pagano

Missouri... You have the Hammer!

State Constitution Challenge

Missouri Is More Interesting than I Believed
Except for the stupid people.

Job Hunting?
Resume is a Traditional Method

I Got an Idea!
For MLK Day Lets
See the Tea Party
Honor the Slave Owners and Treasonists!

Excuse me...
but You Have
Snot In your Brain

OMG Stop!

Because of Gates...
Are you really
that stupid?

Education is a Beast
Failed, Whipped and Brutalized

Evidence Based Claims

It is a Trait,
Not A Skill

The Standard Stotsky Built

What You Really Need To Know

More and More Benchmarking

Stotsky's Thoughts
on Stotsky's Criteria

On the Threshold of
Public Debunk
Thugs Choose Violence

Pony Show Drops Its Mask.
The Ugly Face of Propaganda

Open/Edu Continues
to Grow

No International Benchmark?
No Valid Source of Credibility?


Common Core Demagoguery Has Breached

Never thought I'd Say this Again

Teachers on CCSS English

Who is this Diane Ravitch Person?
And Why Do I Care?

How to Lose By Landslide

And Fail Education At the Same Time

Keeping Up With Your Own Misconception

Driving Yourself Over the Edge

Some places to look into

The Case for Annual Testing

The Words of a Senator

Teachers Are Disengaged from their Employment

James Milgram Says He Was the Only Evaluator for Math

Can we get Some Primary Sources here?

K-12 Mandated Test Requirements

The Testing Every (mis)Informer
Blames Common Core For

(mis)Information ® Expert Dr. Stotsky

Grossly Misinforms on Common Core

Christian Group Brings Satanist To High School

Object Lesson for Students
Not one if Not All

No Child Left Behind

Facts On A Tormenting System

Oklahoma Mad as Hell :
Give Common Core Back!