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James Milgram Says He Was the Only Evaluator for Math

Can we get Some Primary Sources here?

All of these disclaimers and not a Primary Document among them. Both Stotsky, who is cheaper than a whore on the edge of a battle field with her opinions, and then this Professor James Milgram... who should probably go to jail. I mean this guy falsifies documentation, harrasses coleges, threatens people, and doesn't have a primary source for anything, and he's going around talking about Common Core like he's the only one with an opinion. He even says this!

"I was the only mathematician on the board of evaluation for Common Core."

That's what he said. Well, I happen to have a copy of that evaluation. Here's what I find in these pages.

Sarah Baird

Mathematics Specialist/Teacher with Kyrene Elementary School District in Tempe, Arizona
Baird, a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards–certified instructor, was named Arizona Teacher of the Year in 2009 and is a member of Arizona’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Academy. Baird, who is the math coach for two district schools, serves K-5 students in roughly 60 classrooms.

Alfinio Flores

Hollowell Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and School of Education at the University of Delaware’s College of Flores is a nationally recognized expert in mathematics education and mathematics teaching and learning, curriculum development, and pre and in-service preparation of teachers of mathematics.

Feng-Jui Hsieh

Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department at the National Taiwan Normal University Hsieh researches mathematics learning, mathematics teaching, teacher education, and pre-service and in-service teacher professional development. He served as chairman of Taiwan’s first evaluation committee of the junior high school mathematics textbook, as a member of the first evaluation committee of the elementary school mathematics textbook, and as a member of the committee to develop the first national curriculum standards for private textbook publishers at the senior high school level. He has received grants from Taiwan’s National Science Council and Ministry of Education. Hsieh serves as Taiwan’s representative on two international studies administered by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement and the National Science Foundation.

Jeremy Kilpatrick

Regents Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia Kilpatrick, a charter member of the National Research Council’s (NRC) Mathematical Sciences Education Board, has received numerous education awards, including the Felix Klein Medal in 2007 for lifetime achievement in mathematics education from the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction and the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished
Service to Mathematics Education from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He chaired the committee that produced Adding It Up:Helping
Children Learn Mathematics, a 2001 NRC report on arithmetic proficiency.

TheVC was, for the most part, pleased with the content of the standards and with the direction they were headed.The committee also provided suggestions for areas of the draft that would benefit from additional consideration. In mathematics, these areas included: strengthening the use of technology; paying attention to the specifics of the standards; providing a clearer explanation for the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) label; and streamlining all of the learning progressions. In English language arts, the committee focused on implementation issues, ranging from greater attention to the assessment of the standards to stronger guidance on the intent of the standards.

In May 2010, theVC received an embargoed copy of the final content of the Common Core State Standards for review and certification.TheVC, in reviewing the processes employed to develop the standards, ultimately found them to be:

›› Reflective of the core knowledge and skills in ELA and mathematics that students need to be
college- and career-ready;
›› Appropriate in terms of their level of clarity and specificity;›› Comparable to the expectations of other leading nations;›› Informed by available research or evidence;›› The result of processes that reflect best practices for standards development;›› A solid starting point for adoption of cross-state common core standards; and›› A sound basis for eventual development of standards-based assessments.
In conclusion, it is worth remembering that the CCSSI was built on the following foundations:
›› While the states are autonomous, when they work together on matters such as education, the collectiveknowledge can yield significant improvements.›› When the states voluntarily move in the same direction, they demonstrate their ability to achievenational goals.

Milgram also makes the assertion that after reviewing the standards proposed by Common Core, he refused to sign off on it -- which might have been true if he was there -- the rest of the reviewers asked his offensive ass to leave.

In the states where the Common Core standards are being implemented with fidelity, and teachers are familiar with the standards and are participating in professional development, support remains high. This year, field testing of the new Common Core-aligned assessments from the two testing consortia, PARCC and Smarter Balanced, by all accounts went better than expected.


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