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Some places to look into

This is Jane Robbins latest article. Posted to Grand Herald.. into the Opinion area. Most papers won't print pieces like this in to the news area. They've done the research and know the flaws of these arguments But they don't mind the traffic they bring in.  It is getting a lot of mentions from the Right, mostly Tea Party on Twitter

Stotsky is getting a lot of free mentions through the college  network after writing a paper which stresses that college students read at a 7th grade level. At least that's a topic she might know something about.

The American Principles project is increasing frequency.

These two are heading for Nevada soon as well -- The visiting experts are Dr. JameThat is on the s Milgram,  and Dr. Sandra Stotsky, professor emerita at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Education Reform.

It is possible that Milgram is going to find a better place to be. I caught him in a lie today. A rather large one. I'm waiting a couple of days for him to make a choice, but then I'm publishing. The choice is either come clean or explain his actions to the feds.

That is going to be next Tuesday, on the 13th. Jane has her thing in Mississippi on the 12th.

Then on the 15th Stotsky is at Nissitissit Middle School, 33 Chase Ave, Pepperell, MA 01463 for  a Common Core Informational Forum with Jamie Gass. Jamie Gass is Pioneer Institute's Director of the Center for School Reform. Pioneer Institute is an independent, non-partisan, privately funded research organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in Massachusetts. Also it  is a free-market think tank -- which means that it is privately funded by Koch, with Left wing verification of that who agrees with this guy. That guy is looking pretty Left-wing as well.  SourceWatch agrees with both so I'm going to take it on faith that Jamie Gass is a hardline pressure guy, and will likely try to incite rather than inform.

This is probably a good place to set the record straight. Put that on my list of things to do tomorrow.

It is going to get Fakey this Year

This is a quote I found, I want to do some verification:  " On 7/31/2019 Trump has private meeting with Putin. On 8/3/2019, just three ...