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No International Benchmark?
No Valid Source of Credibility?

Is That what he told you?

The Movement for National Academic Standards: A Comparison of the Common Core State Standards Initiative in the USA and the National Curriculum in Australia
Watt, Michael, Oct 2-4, 2009 ERIC Number: ED506524
Benchmarking standards against state, national and international standards, using a research-based process for decision making, reviewing successive drafts by stakeholders, and conducting an independent validation characterise the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Specifying plans and guidelines, inventing and refining standards, using a consensus-building process for decision making, and reviewing successive drafts by stakeholders characterise the national curriculum initiative in Australia.

Jason Zimba reports (in the New England Journal of Public Policy)
... there were fifty-one people in the Mathematics Work Team, twenty-two people in the Mathematics Feedback Group, and twenty-nine people on the Validation Committee. The project lead for mathematics was William McCallum, a mathematician and University Distinguished Professor at the University of Arizona. Zimba himself is a Mathematical Physicist, or was at the time. So there is a lot of people involved with the math standards in 2009, all the way through 2011.

2007 Susan Pimentel started with the International Reading Association and published a book with them , "Teaching reading well: A synthesis of the International Reading Association's research on teacher preparation for reading instruction." This was basically her "understanding" being peer reviewed before she started with the project.

And here I find that under the leadership of Dr. P. David Pearson, PhD, of the University of California at Berkeley,(Who is, by the way, the acknowledged, absolute authority on Comprehension -- how we learn stuff) the International Reading Association (IRA) created the Literacy Research Panel (LRP) to respond to critical literacy issues facing policymakers, school administrators, teacher educators, classroom teachers, parents and the general public. So not only are Coleman and Pimentel benchmarking, they've pulled together a large team of many levels and view points to make the standards.

And this is a fully Independent International Benchmarking of CCSS done without anyone knowing about it until it was over, by sneeky researchers at Michigan State.
Curricular Coherence and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics 
 William H. Schmidt1 Richard T. Houang11 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 
  Educational Researcher November 2012 41: 294-308, 
doi: 10.3102/0013189X12464517 EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER November 2012 vol. 41 no. 8 294-308

As a point of Interest it is also listed as one of the most read documents in 2014 -- so it has been very deeply peer reviewed.

What have I told you about listening to strangers? Check the Primary Source, not the idiot on stage.


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