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Pony Show Drops Its Mask.
The Ugly Face of Propaganda

I've already read the Propagandist Cover up on this -- They are putting out the message that the Teachers were not invited to talk.. when in fact.. on Jan 07th, the Group that was organizing this made a really big deal about this being a discussion.

So then today, The Newsrelease is this:

Statement From Superintendent Erquiaga Regarding the Symposium on Common Core

 For Immediate Release Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Carson City, Nevada – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga today issued the following statement regarding the Nevada Department of Education’s participation in the Symposium on Common Core in Fallon:

“The Nevada Department of Education was invited by the Citizens for Sound Academic Standards to participate in a forum they organized in Carson City to discuss the Nevada Academic Content Standards based on Common Core. The organizers invited two professors from out-of-state to participate in the forum. As with all requests to engage in a discussion about Nevada standards, my staff invited Nevada teachers to participate in this discussion.

I consider our educators to be the most credible and knowledgeable speakers about Nevada’s standards. This fact was communicated to the organizers and to the legislator who reserved the room in Carson City.

When my staff arrived at the forum last night, they were abruptly notified that the Department’s teacher presenters, including an associate superintendent and educators from the Carson City School District, would not be allowed to speak at the forum. Attempts by my staff to provide teachers a voice in the conversation about their standards were met with a disrespectful, if not aggressive, response. Worse, one of the organizers physically removed a Nevada educator invited to speak on behalf of the Department; that educator filed assault charges with Legislative Police earlier today.

This is not the Nevada way of engaging in public discourse. I am compelled to denounce the Citizens for Sound Academic Standards and the visiting professors for silencing Nevada teachers to speak at a public forum and for resorting to intimidation tactics before and during the meeting to silence teacher voices. There is room for differences of opinion on this topic, but I cannot support participation in a forum that incites bullying and censorship. Department staff will not participate in the Symposium on Common Core scheduled to occur in Fallon tonight, or any other event involving these organizers and their out-of-state professors. Furthermore, I expect these individuals to apologize to Nevada educators.”

This is one of those things that happens when you are putting on stage two professional frauds and inviting real educators into the same room.

Normally I would pull my punches here a little but, these two need to be fully exposed.

Reality Check -- How things Work in Academia

A real professional, having discovered that the Standards aren't "up to par" or "not at the right level" would write up a paper on it, and published in an industry journal. Because that is what a professional would do -- and doing this wouldn't be judged by anyone as a slight or an insult or anything except the proper thing to do when you discover an error in a project as important as this one. It happens all the time. Really. Go to Google Scholar and search for "Discovery of error in"

Two that popped up right away.

Thresholding of Statistical Maps in Functional Neuroimaging Using the False Discovery Rate ☆
Discovery of a Narrow Resonance in e+e− Annihilation

Not only is it done it is _Expected_ of other professionals to do this as soon as possible. It is a peer responsibility, that when you discover an error in someone else's work, that you publish a paper on it -- yes you call them or send them an email as well -- but you publish a paper so that others can check it out, and make certain that what you think you found, is actually what you think it is -- this is called "Peer Review". See how that works?

So, the REAL question here is -- If this person is a professional, like he says he is, and is qualified like she claims to be, and he found something wrong with CCSS, like he says he did -- then why isn't she writing a paper and helping to get it fixed?

It would be beyond childish if the answer to that question is anything except

"I've got it on my computer now, just haven't had time to finish the paper, but I sent them an email with the basics..."

Because, if all she is doing, is going from place to place, and telling people like you and me about the problem, without having already published the problem for review -- then it is a clear sign that this person is a fraud.

And if he says that he has published -- verify that. Because professionals don't tell Newspapers that a project is flawed or in error or substandard, before verification of claim.

Doing so would be on the level of making a pass at your wife, in front of you on your wedding day.  That is how disreputable these two "Expert educators" are acting.

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