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Christian Group Brings Satanist To High School

Object Lesson for Students
Not one if Not All

In spite of the laws of our land, the Constitution of the State of Florida, and the basic statutes of common sense - The Christian group who call themselves World Changers came to the Orange County Florida School Board meeting and pressured them for many months -- which I believe is technically called badgering -- until the School Board -- obviously driven insane by this point -- relented and agreed to let the World Changers bring Bibles to the high schools.

The tomes were to be left for any student who wished to have one -- no charge, no obligation, but of course the World Changer's phone number would be embossed very tactfully on the cover, inside, just in case the student had some questions which their parents or other family members could not answer. Of course all privacy was insured -- though apparently other manners and courtesies were negotiable.

Dance of the Dead, by Goethe

The poem  Dance of the Dead, by Goethe  is a chilling and vivid depiction of a supernatural dance of the dead, an eerie scene where the dead...