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The Education Wars
The Achievements of James Milgram

100=30.769230769231 * x   (30.769230769231) to get x
26 is 3.25% of 800
Just trying to get into the Spirit of things. And actually, that's the most math I've done for a whole year. I might have counted a couple of times how many slices of pizza were left, and made an estimation of probability on the chances of me finishing the slice I already had, before my son snaked the last one -- but that is really all I use math for estimations and probability.

I do love data though. I consume a great deal of data.

In my last post we talked about the Math Wars becoming the Education Wars, which has some larger, more sophisticated elements of propaganda, political threat and judicial misuse involved, than the mathematicians were capable off, but I'm sure they are impressed with what you can do to the masses when you have a few billion to throw at them, and a political party of insane extremists.

The table to the right takes into account, as only statistics can do, the changes of means of evaluation, alterations in focus, and length of time given to education prior to, and directly for the SAT test. Data for 1967 to 1986 were converted to the recentered scale by using a formula applied to the original mean and standard deviation. For 1987 to 1995, individual student scores were  converted to the recentered scale and then the mean was recomputed. For 1996 to 1999, nearly all students received scores on the recentered scale; any score on the original scale was converted to the recentered scale prior to recomputing the mean. From 2000 on, all scores have been reported on the recentered scale.

I say all of that because of course a score of 500 in 1950, would not directly equal a score of 500 in 2014 -- and inevitably someone will post this accusation if you don't tell them that yes, you thought of that and corrected for the differences. Because, of course, JUST because I do this on a professional level, doesn't mean that I thought of the Absolute Basic requirements for reporting data that spans more than fifteen years. I'm so very tired of people who know literally nothing about a subject, expressing that a professional is untrustworthy based on his idea of accuracy precautions, consisting of a list of procedures that professionals take care of almost without thinking about them.

This sample expresses the years before the Math Wars, indeed these are the levels of education the Math Wars devastated careers, and introduced a level of dishonesty and malice into an otherwise peaceful group of educators, to protect. And since the 1950s, through all of this strife, and demand, and unrest, the SAT scores (all the way up to 2014) have fluctuated a mere 3.25%.

3.25% is the highest achievement in of ability, the math educators of our country have collectively been able to gain since 1950.

I would like to suggest that what we have here, is a total failure to educate. 3.25% you could achieve if you did nothing at all. If you just threw some books, laptops and Cheetos into the room, and locked the door, the students would be able to achieve that level of growth all by themselves over the period of 64 years. And it was only after new methods of education began to be introduced to schools in the 90s to the present, that the fat of this 3.25% was achieved.

Now, on the same level of thinking as I expressed above, do not post a comment below that suggests that I do not understand the true value of that 3.25% -- achieved only in the last 15 years when new ideas were able to claw their way into the classrooms for short times before they were ripped back out by men with their heads up their asses. Great and amazing achievements are expressed in very minimal numbers -- such as the .01 second that broke the barrier of the 4 minute mile. An outstanding and game changing achievement, which had a profound  effect on the world -- such as bolstering the lesson that men with their heads up their asses, like those who said the wall of the 4 minute mile was impossible to breach, that there was no possible way that man could fly, and that mathematically the bumble could not fly either were not to be taken seriously either from what they said, or the studies they did on something.

The period of math education that Milgram corrupted and twisted the values of professorship for were shit by comparison against every alteration and step away from that rote form of learning acquired, spanning back to 1950. As I listed in the last post, everytime Milgram was allowed to touch a method or standard, the students suffered for it in ways that certainly affected their lives for years to come.

As an Educator, I can only perceive Professor James "Jim" Milgram as the equivalent of a plague.

I'm only grateful that he is in math, and not medicine, Since he was at NASA I have been led to ponder if perhaps he was involved with the math errors of the Mars Rover... Did he teach them math?

*UPDATE: I couldn't get it out of my head -- What Did Milgram do over at NASA? -- "Milgram, the first mathematician on the council, gave an update on NASA’s public television channel."

Ah... he watched TV for them....


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