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Ron Paul - Great servant, but Not a Master

In an article I just read, Ron Paul declares our efforts in Syria and Iraq to be illegal , as well as part of the problem. The rhetoric is clean, and feels well thought out. Reading his words I was lulled a bit into thinking "Yeah, why the hell should we care?" Many commentators on the article suggest that our country needs a man like Ron Paul Some one who looks at things clearly, and without all the hampering of political trappings.  I am lulled enough to almost agree... almost. Then I smell the burning.  If this guy was president, we would have zero foreign policy, no Department of Education, no EPA. no public schools, no SSI, no unemployment insurance, no medical research, no colleges. He's a Libertarian, and the Libertarian views always sound good when you are in the middle of struggles, because they ask, "why are you doing all this stuff? Just stop. It is not our problem."  " Finally, I think that the smallest level of government possible bes

If the Matter was Already Settled..?

According to an article on Chalk Beat, the topic of the AP History program  in Colorado was already discussed by the State Board of Education only a short while ago (Sept 10, 2014) and matter settled. How is it that the Jeffco School Board, and Julie Williams are able to bring this up again? What is the grounds Julie Williams is using to disregard the State Education Board who have already discussed and approved of these lessons, and discuss them again? The new AP “framework” for U.S. history has become a cause celebre among some conservative critics, who claim it presents a slanted and negative view of American history...   Board chair Paul Lundeen , a Republican from Monument, last month proposed a resolution criticizing the AP framework and urging the College Board, which runs the AP tests, to delay the new program for a year. (See  this Chalkbeat Colorado story  for background.).... ...Democrat Elaine Gantz Berman of Denver said, “People are always going to be dissatisfied”

Krieger, Robbins and Koch -- To Defile your High School

In answer to : New College Board US History Framework Defames America Posted on 18 September 2014. By Larry Krieger and Jane Robbins de·fame diˈfām/ verb 3rd person present:  defames damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel. By Krieger's own admission , there is nothing false or misleading or untrue inside the AP material. So,like the rest of the article -- his Title is designed to create an insult where none exists, and then fan the flames. If you read his article, you will find that he often incites hatred and division without cause or actual fact. His rhetoric is confused, and misleading -- with all the dazzle of a con-man. But we need to keep in mind that Larry Krieger owns InsiderPrep , which is a business that creates and sells books and materials to help a student prep for the AP classes and tests. -- Well, it did. See, Larry's Prep course is based on the old study methods, where memorizing is more important than critical

Girl used as Rape Bait in Alabama School

The Department of Justice filed a brief in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals stating the Northern District of Alabama District Court erred when tossing a case filed on behalf of a Sparkman Middle School student sexually assaulted in a school restroom.-- So it looks like this girl is going to at least get some of the therapy and help that she needs. The idea that anyone, for any reason would use a special needs girl, who was only 14 years-old as rape bait seriously boggles the mind. But for the school to have a 'need to catch him in the act' policy for sexual assault is even more baffling.  This child of 14 has been injured in a way that has continued to hurt her -- she continues to suffer from depression, her grades continue to be affected. She is not getting the help that she needs -- likely due to the expense of the therapy she will require. Even after therapy and several years of healing it is very possible that she will continue to be acutely effected by this trauma. 

The Key Traits of Best-Selling Fiction

This list is 21 key traits of best-selling fiction excerpted from  The Writer’s Little Helper by  James V. Smith , Jr.  If you find them interesting, or helpful the author has several more great tips in his book.  Utility  (writing about things that people will use in their lives) Information  (facts people must have to place your writing in context) Substance  (the relative value or weight in any piece of writing) Focus  (the power to bring an issue into clear view) Logic  (a coherent system for making your points) A sense of connection  (the stupid power of personal involvement) A compelling style  (writing in a way that engages) A sense of humor  (wit or at least irony) Simplicity  (clarity and focus on a single idea) Entertainment  (the power to get people to enjoy what you write) A fast pace  (the ability to make your writing feel like a quick read) Imagery  (the power to create pictures with words) Creativity  (the ability to invent) Excitement  (writing with ener

Schools Spend Money for Assault Rifles to go with New Tanks

The story in the Wall Street Journal shows that hundreds of schools are receiving firearms, grenades and combat vehicles from a government program. The 101st Congress in 1990 enacted the National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1208 of the NDAA allowed the Secretary of Defense to “transfer to Federal and State agencies personal property of the Department of Defense, including small arms and ammunition, that the Secretary determines is— (A) suitable for use by such agencies in counter-drug activities; and (B) excess to the needs of the Department of Defense.” It was called the 1208 Program. In 1996, Congress replaced Section 1208 with Section 1033.

Rick Perry - Neutered Koch Drone

I'm seriously appalled that a Republican candidate for President whose platform includes doing away with the Department of Education was at the top of the polls last month. Rick Perry wants to do away with Commerce, Education and Energy. Could it be possible that he is a Mouth Piece Drone for the Koch brothers? He deferentially acts like a mouth piece drone. Cracks under pressure too. Other frightening aspects of Perry include - he i s for the idea of people beating children. He sees a world where everyone is free to pray to his god in school. In fact that should be mandatory . His state (TX) has the worst school performance in the country and he cut huge amounts away from the schools. Then he turned down $700 Million in Federal aid for the schools of his state, because he didn't want to bring his schools up to the standards set by the Federal Education.. like getting the right books for kids to learn from and stuff. This man.. this man who is a direct adversary again

Subtext, Subtlety, and Clarity in Description

Most of the time we don't want to be overt with our descriptions of the inner world of our characters. Character flaws are always better when they are demonstrated a few times before we name them, or discuss them in dialog. We don't want to stop the story, for example, to point out: "Bob was tormented by nightmares, caused by sleep apnea, both of which keep sleep from being rejuvenating. His denial of the importance of either condition causes him to suffer from memory lapses, lack of attention and depression."

Time for the Television to Die

Money can now buy the political marketing strength of TV. If this is the case, then TV ads must be discredited. All of them. The truth is TV political campaign ads are under no obligation to use facts anyway. I can simply say, "Look at the mess that Obama has brought us to." then look sad, and pet a puppy while shedding a single tear in my eye. "When will we make America great again?" No matter what my party, I'm under no obligation to present any justification for any of these implied claims. I don't have to be factual about America's condition. Great or not. I don't have to state the condition I'm referring to . I do not have to define 'mess'. I don't even have to confirm that it is President Obama I am referring to with any of these implied claims. All of it, from the coloring, to the tonality, the hesitant breath, the voice modulation of 'fear being brave', and every word is a lie. All of it. It is created by someone m