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Time for the Television to Die

Money can now buy the political marketing strength of TV. If this is the case, then TV ads must be discredited. All of them. The truth is TV political campaign ads are under no obligation to use facts anyway. I can simply say, "Look at the mess that Obama has brought us to." then look sad, and pet a puppy while shedding a single tear in my eye. "When will we make America great again?"

No matter what my party, I'm under no obligation to present any justification for any of these implied claims. I don't have to be factual about America's condition. Great or not. I don't have to state the condition I'm referring to . I do not have to define 'mess'. I don't even have to confirm that it is President Obama I am referring to with any of these implied claims.

All of it, from the coloring, to the tonality, the hesitant breath, the voice modulation of 'fear being brave', and every word is a lie. All of it. It is created by someone much like myself. It is crafted using proven manipulation techniques of the highest form. No propaganda engine in the history of our species comes close to the empathy inducing cult messaging we are capable of today. We are already trained from birth (those raised during and after Nixon at least) to hate the current president, no matter what the problem, or economic condition. It is practically unAmerican to not to believe the current president is always wrong and doing wrong things. 

It's kind of a running joke, right? Except it takes the simplest of efforts to take this inclination and twists it into serious hate.

So, with that in mind, TV ads, all of them, have to be discredited. They have to be seen as fraudulent. People need to turn to the Internet for their views. To websites with citations and references. They have to be able to turn to each other and say, "Is this really happening in Detroit, where you live?"

Verify what you believe. Find real sources of information. Don't allow Koch brothers to buy your vote.

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