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Patina, Forgery, Tombs, and Brothers

Today boys and girls our new word is Patina Patina (pronounced /'pætnə/ or /pə'tinə/) is a film on the surface of bronze or similar metals (produced by oxidation over a long period); a sheen on wooden furniture produced by age, wear, and polishing; or any such acquired change of a surface through age and exposure. On metal, patina is a coating of various chemical compounds such as oxides or carbonates formed on the surface during exposure to the elements (weathering). Patina also refers to accumulated changes in surface texture and colour that result from normal use of an object such as a coin or a piece of furniture over time. Apparently this can also be created by micro-biological buildup on stone as well. I came across this little antiquity word jewel from reading Biblical Paths , ... That man is always presenting wonderful stuff. YouTube - Eisenman vs. Shanks on the James Ossuary I especially like the word right now because it is the focus of a crime dealing iwth

Sharpening the saw at Yale

There is more to life than what I know, and certainly my powers of observation, while above average, do not bring n all that they could in any situation. Have to sharpen the mind from other sources. The OpenCourseWare that many of the larger colleges in the country are participating in , definitely helps when I want to add something larger to my experience than a blog post or a book. I've been gonig through the Old Testement course I took from Yale that I did a few months ago, which is what this brought this subject up today. There are several other places on the web. Some of them are only text courses, and some offer more than others. I've listen some of the better ones below. I am continuing my search for tools for research and visual understanding software, I came across Visual Understanding Environment which came up as being connected in some way to the O penCourseWare organization. The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) is an Open Source project based at Tufts

What is really fun... and perhaps telling

I took a quick break here to eat some lunch, and jumped on to YouTube (obviously). Instead of my normal delving into the world of Anime madness, I looked up some lectures, book readings and authors who talk about writing Fantasy and Science Fiction. I find it comforting that most “made” writers freely talk about the insanity and force of will involved in novel writing. What I found first, however, were several short “instructional” videos by people how “teach” fantasy and fiction writing – and then I found William Gibson. The contrast between those who teach and those who do, is seriously stunning. This isn't really the slight it may appear to be on the surface against those who teach. Not at all, really. Gibson, King, Butler, Ryn, Miller, and most of the major writers who have altered the world, or simply amused a major portion of us, have one thing in common, and that is … someone taught them. While the nights of staring at the computer screen, under siege by the voices who say

William Gibson - Spook Country

This guy is very much a hero of mine. When I read his book Neuromancer (years ago), it opened an amazing world of words, and action and story telling which no other writer before (or since ... to be honest) has been close to, and while my style of writing is nothing like his, it is his vision-art which illumed my darkness, birthing shadows... in screams and blood, and night... just like most births. ... very much a hero of mine.

Maybe politics is better

It is amazing to me the weirdness which is instantly brought into any discussion of religion, belief or spirituality. At this moment I'm not talking about anyone who has posted an email to me, or left a comment. What caught my eye, and prompted this post is an Ad in the strip on the side, which suggested that you could learn how to jump into the dimension of God, and go visit him. As far as I know, jumping into other dimensions is not required to talk or visit with God. So save your money (and his too), and don't click on that ad (and if he offers you grape drink, run).

Thoughts about Asherah – God's Girl Friend

I found a copy of Time Magazine on the train yesterday coming back into downtown. Normally I don't read such dribble, but it had a tempting article titled Decoding God's Changing Moods, by Robert Wright , who I've never heard of, but that doesn't mean anything. Anyway, the article was fairly interesting, and then about half way through, he brings up the topic of Asherah, using the term Mistress in context to God. Now, I do( and did) remember the Asherah pole, but never put the name with a Goddess and after all, why should I? The Hebrews don't have a Goddess... right? Well, it looks like, after doing quite a bit of research, that this may not be the whole case. I will say at this point however, she is not a Goddess as we would first think of a Goddess, and the impression I got, from all that I read, was that she is more or less an angel, and … apparently a very powerful one. My selfish interests aside I was also looking for a good topic to test drive my Basket N

So useful its frightening...

Google Docs and OpenOffice It is rather rare that a writer gets a new tool that is more than simply a distraction from doing things he should be doing... like ... writing. However, this one is amazing, and if you work as a writer, or if you are a student, take the time to check this out. I use OpenOffice, instead of hampering tools like Microsoft Word (which cost a fortune and don't do what I want them to). Now, you can open your gDoc documents from inside OpenOffice, and you can save your OpenOffice documents to gDoc, so that no matter where you are, or what you are doing, your material, assignment, blog post, or chapter, will be safely in the Cloud, as well as on your computer. Open Office The Extension you will need for Connection Google Docs There is nothing worse than losing that inspiration you had at lunch, and only remembering later, that you “had” a good idea.