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So useful its frightening...

Google Docs and OpenOffice

It is rather rare that a writer gets a new tool that is more than simply a distraction from doing things he should be doing... like ... writing. However, this one is amazing, and if you work as a writer, or if you are a student, take the time to check this out.

I use OpenOffice, instead of hampering tools like Microsoft Word (which cost a fortune and don't do what I want them to). Now, you can open your gDoc documents from inside OpenOffice, and you can save your OpenOffice documents to gDoc, so that no matter where you are, or what you are doing, your material, assignment, blog post, or chapter, will be safely in the Cloud, as well as on your computer.

Open Office

The Extension you will need for Connection

Google Docs

There is nothing worse than losing that inspiration you had at lunch, and only remembering later, that you “had” a good idea.

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