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Debate Score Card

 The top 10 candidates vying for the Republican nomination for president gathered in Cleveland, Ohio, for the first debate of the 2016 election cycle. (The other seven candidates debated earlier in the evening.) The Fox News moderators had a challenging job, given the number of contenders competing for camera time and the unpredictable presence of the current front-runner, Donald Trump.

This is an important event and this run for office of President for 2016 is heavy with historic meaning. Fifty years from now, our great grand kids are going to learn in school about this period, and they will not be learning about the ISIS, or the Iran Deal or even Obama. What they will be focused on for this period of ten years is how Congress was allowed to operate in the manner they have -- and hopefully the laws we have passed ensuring it can not happen again.

Dance of the Dead, by Goethe

The poem  Dance of the Dead, by Goethe  is a chilling and vivid depiction of a supernatural dance of the dead, an eerie scene where the dead...