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WTF Did you just Say?

I heard one of the Republican candidates, in a quick blurb, say that he wanted to restore the original glory of the United States, by bringing back “In god we trust.” How stupid was that? First of all, the office of President doesn’t have the power to make that change. Second, the change was made based on the meaning of the Constitution – which pits him against the Constitution of the U.S. Third, to exactly what ‘Original Glory’ is he referring? The Founding Fathers? That group of slave owners who wanted to be free? The only good thing we can say about our history is that we have consistently learned and grown from our mistakes – most of the time in spite of ourselves. We didn’t always feel that some of our best changes were very good at the time – for example, when Lincoln freed the slaves. A large group of good Christian folk didn’t feel that was a good move. This nation should pay closer attention to what is being said by these guys, because what they are saying is about