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Giant Human Bones!

La mort du fossoyeur (Death of the gravedigger) by Carlos Schwabe In the year 5607 (1847), the Arabs, on digging near this grave, found a deep vault full of gigantic human bones, which excited the astonishment of every one at the great stature of the persons, the remains of whom they were. The Pacha forbade farther digging, and the cave was again closed up. I love finding things like this while I'm researching for a novel. This one I used in The Flute of Sorrow, which will be out soon. Of course, when we read these notes from the past, we go "oh my gawd, GIANT HUMAN BONES ! Those must be the bones of .. [insert favorite giant humanoid here] ! We humans do this kind of thing almost  automatically. Fact is, that these were probably not human bones at all, but some large animal. -- and what, exactly, qualifies as " Giant " ? After I came across this obscure listing, I did a search for Giant Human Bones