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Putting words in the mouth of a Great Speaker

Not much of a post, I know -- it is more of an announcement -- or perhaps, fair warning. I've received several emails from various groups who are urging me to act in particular directions -- because the President is urging us to move in those directions. Not one of them are even close to what the President has been focused on for the last two months. I've reminded each of these parties that the President gives a weekly 'State of the Union' address which goes out on YouTube and can also be seen on the Whitehouse web site -- where he also keeps a running blog. It doesn't take much to find out what is on President Obama's mind.

Using some analysis tools, just to make sure I wasn't missing something, I ran his latest speeches through to see if I might be mistaken. I'm not. There is no hint about the topics these parties have been claiming.

I find the use of misleading statements and lies in political outcries distasteful, whether those statements are coming from the right or the left. I feel that if you have to lie about it, then it can't be very important or worthy. It almost always turns out to be a small group (like 10 to 20 people) who feel that their needs are so important they should out shine those that millions feel are important. This robs us of focus and energy, and confuses issues. It also spreads and nourishes feelings of betrayal and disillusionment when people discover they have been duped. I find it criminal myself, but that's just me.

For example, the President touched on several topics in his speech in Cleveland this week. Not once did he mention anything which could justify this statement: 
President Obama has been speaking out against money in politics a lot lately -- just yesterday in a Cleveland speech on economic opportunity, he lamented the corrosive effect of unlimited political spending on our democracy. Now, let's make sure he backs up his words with action.

Not one lament - not even a whimper
I explained to this particular source, what it is I do, and asked that if they must use these tactics, then please -- don't send them to me. I hope they listen, because they won't like the outcome, and I kind of like them -- but as I've said before... I'm not a sheep and you shouldn't be either.

One thing he did say, which I enjoyed hearing from his office was
 " If you’re watching FOX News, you get an entirely different reality than if you’re watching MSNBC."
Don't let propaganda choose your reality. Left or Right, be informed across the aisle. Don't guess why the other believes what they do, understand it.

The Possible  Topics of the President's speech in Ohio this week

what the speech was 

unemployment rate
community colleges
job training
Republican budget
diminish stock prices
United States
American people
community college
single biggest factor
continued advance
good jobs
21st century economy
unemployment rate
House Republicans
Affordable Care Act
Boys and Girls Club
health insurance
City Club
good manufacturing jobs
Congresswoman Kaptur
legal aid
health care costs
Senator Sherrod Brown
solar power
City Club
gas prices
health care coverage
new jobs
Otis Moss
health care inflation
future community college
climate change
solar power
foreign oil
Global Center for Health Innovation
Great Depression
auto industry
Ronald Reagan
middle class
Congresswoman Fudge
tax revenue
health care
health insurance
wind power
Mayor Jackson
Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
community college
economic development
middle-class economics
solar industry
United States
Don Moulthrop
FOX News
tax cuts
Steve Jobs
stock market
Republican Congress
income tax
high school
economic crisis
stock prices

California desert
high school student

new economy

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