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The Golden Verses Of The Stoic

Seneca and Epictetus refer to the Golden Verses of Pythagoras , which happens to provide a good framework for developing a daily routine, bookended by morning and evening contemplative practices. Zeno of Citium , who founded Stoicism in 301 BC, expressed his doctrines in notoriously terse arguments and concise maxims.  However, Chrysippus, the third head of the Stoic school, wrote over 700 books fleshing these ideas out and adding complex arguments to support them. 

Let's Do the Re-Tweet Thing

Ok  .. let's do the re-tweet thing. It's Fast It's fun, and it really gets attention.
Each tweet on the list is a person trying to be heard. At the bottom of the scroll there will be a very tiny "load more.." to click on So be sure to get down to the Original Twitters. You can only re-tweet once a message as you know. So, do as much as you can. Pop in to see if there are fresh ones. A couple of days is all we need to dedicate to this.

Let Lego know that we haven't forgotten about them, we're still very serious about our complaints, and that the next issue of their "Friends" magazine, should be "Child Friendly"  It's a great networking opportunity if you are into that sort of thing. For myself, my work is under the surface of things, so don't feel you now need to be subjected to my mad ramblings. After this, I'm back to my own ...

May I suggest #BadLego as an easy, short hash?

Let's do this.