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Tools for Writers -- and a few for World Domination

These are a bunch of things that you didn't need until I listed them.

FreeMind  A mind mapping program which I find very useful.

Scrivener     This is the all-in-one planning, research, drafting, writing, and publishing tool you've probably heard a lot about.

CoSchedule  CoSchedule is an editorial calendar, task manager, and social media planner for WordPress.

Evernote  I store my brain in Evernote. This is an amazing notebook tool for research. Another is ...

Google Keep     Fast, easy, light and backed up on your Google Cloud. Never loose any note again.

iA Writer  Minimalist writing app for iPad. Using Dropbox, you can sync writing in iAWriter between your devices and Scrivener.

TweetDeck  MarketingTweetDeck is the easiest way to keep track of your social accounts without needing to log in every time.

Buffer  Buffer is a lifesaver. It posts automatically, using a queue-like list of your scheduled updates.

AWeber   It's the #1 mailing list provider, and I use it for all of my newsletters.

MailChimp   "Sexier" than AWeber,  because there is a Chimp, easy-to-use, and free (up to a point), it's only #2 because of feature limitations.

MindMup is a mind mapping tool, like FreeMind, but different. It's super easy to use, but limited.

Feedly RSS reader to keep up with all of your blog reading.

Skype  Skype is my phone -- no, seriously, it is what I use for most of my communications That and ...

Google Voice -- which if you call me, I'll be using to answer the call and talk using my laptop as my phone.

Things  The GTD (Getting Things Done) to-do list for Mac and iOS.

Wunderlist  Totally free to-do list manager, sleek, elegant, and useful.

WordPress   The blog platform that  millions use for blogging -- like Tokyo Shorty for example.

WP Engine  A hosting platform designed and built exclusively for WordPress users. Safe and secure managed hosting.

Basecamp   -- Basecamp for sharing documents and commenting. It's a simple, scalable platform. Before you buy this though, check out Google Drive/Docs Likely, everything you will ever need is there, and it is free.

Hanx Writer A nifty little typewriter emulator for iPad created by Tom Hanks (yes, that one).

A Novel Idea  Have an idea for your novel? Use your iPad to storyboard, plan, and sketch out your ideas.

Unstuck  This awesome app is a cool way to get "unstuck" on a project quickly. Like a doctor for your productivity woes.

Pocket    When I find an article I want to read later, offline, I save it to Pocket. Basically a version of Mac OS's "Read Later" tool.

ACX   Produce an audio version of your book, and sell it on Audible/Amazon. For free.

Babelcube   Want your book to be translated into German or Spanish (or some other language)? Want it to be done for free?

99designs I use 99designs for just about all of my book covers. Great price for what you get (design contest with dozens of entries!).

Fiverr   Fiverr is your one-stop shop for inexpensive, quick jobs. It's helped me find out if my Spanish translation is good or bad, and I've created podcast intros with it.

Booktrack A newcomer to this list, Booktrack is a cool way to produce a "soundtrack" for your book's readers.

WattPad   Free stories. A bunch of them. Also, a cool way to get your stories read by beta reviewers.

Blubrry PowerPress  Blubrry PowerPress is a podcasting solution for WordPress that takes the difficulty out of getting your podcast published and live.

Libsyn   (Liberated Syndication) is a reliable, secure, and inexpensive host for podcast files (mp3s). It beats hosting them yourself.

Woothemes   A fantastic resource for WordPress themes, plugins, and professional help.

Learn Scrivener Fast  A good way to learn how to use Scrivener (fast).

KDP Select   KDP Select is Amazon's answer to self-published authors. Upload and your book is live on Amazon within 24 hours!

Smashwords   The all-in-one publishing solution for authors, helping you get your work into iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, and more.

IngramSpark   IngramSpark provides the best hardcover POD services for the money.

LightningSource   The best solution for the mid-size publisher (or author of 5 or more books), providing POD services and super high quality.

Hostmonster   Hostmonster is a trusted, proven, shared hosting provider.

Midphase   Midphase is sort of an "in-between" host: it's a little more high-end than Hostmonster, but not as expensive as WPEngine.

The Self-Publishing Answers Podcast   Self-publishing, and not making enough money.

Gravity Forms  If you use WordPress, you NEED to be using Gravity Forms. Hands-down the BEST form-building tool on the planet.

Persona  Persona is a great tool for planning characters in your book. Add your character archetypes and watch them interact with one another.

The Power 100  An annually-updated list, The Power 100 is a list of the BEST blogs and websites for writers.

Elegant Themes  WordPress themes at great prices. I've used them for many websites in the past.


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