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Still a Friendly Place | Easy Excel

I was stuck on an Excel problem ... It seemed simple enough but after I got the answer I knew I would have been at it for weeks until I thought to dig in the direction the answer was.

I just wanted to have a date/time in one field, and in another the date in the first field, with 10 minutes added to the first. So when I change the first field the second will update with a bonus of 10 minutes.

Right?! Simple.


I found a few places that seemed to have the answer, but the answers were confusing and difficult to understand. Then I came to  Frustrated I noticed their Contant offer and wrote them an email asking for help. Not only did the answer the question, they sent me a spreadsheet with the equation formula I was looking for. On top of that, it worked~ My life got simpler by several hours a day.

So, Thanks and I do hope you are getting what you are worth.

By Country Tell a Different Story?

I'm currently checking into how this narrows down per country. Is this equal i the US for example? It doesn't seem usable at a world level. A Metric which really says nothing. What do you think?

"Less than an estimated 20 percent of land in the world is owned by women — yet those few women who do own land are reported to see benefits."
Their children are 33 percent less likely to be severely underweight, 10 percent less likely to be sick and these women are eight times less likely to experience domestic violence. Other studies suggest women with strong property rights earn up to 3.8 percent more income and dedicate more of their budget to education.

Today's Word | MoolaHoop


Despite the fact that women own 10.6 million businesses in the U.S. and represent 35 percent of startup business owners, they receive a piddling 4.2% of venture capital funding. This means women-owned companies tend to be smaller and grow more slowly than companies owned by men. MoolaHoop launched a crowdfunding platform for women entrepreneurs today to bridge this gap.

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Perspective and Experience | Hardlines

cce1d-14-8past8 Perspective is a funny thing. Look forward and the path seems uncertain, the future unpredictable. Look back and all the dots seem to connect… except the dots that mark the choices you didn’t make and the risks you didn’t take.

Experience is that thing you get, roughly five seconds after you needed it. There’s no other way to acquire this powerful and effective trait. You have to do… live through…

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A Unifying Word?


Emma, during her speech, Sept of 2014, HeForShe’s announcement to the world at the U.N, said that they did not yet have a unifying word, but that we had a name.

We do have a predecessor

When he learned that women were marching, Mark Twain said “Votes For Women.” and set all of his talents to writing a speech. The, then elderly, Mark Twain traveled, and spoke, using all of his skills to convince…

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FaceBook Discussion Group


batman The FaceBook Discussion Group is up and running

Discussion Group for #HeForShe up and running

Time To Take Over The World! Meet you there. We got stuff to talk about!

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GTP and ME and Chess

You: Give me an annotation of the following game, noting and highlighting tactics, positioning, shifts in momentum and their causes, as we...