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Notes and Annotations

I use, along with Walling.apt. Both are amazing tools for encapsulation, and building detailed environments within intimae compositions. They provide machines and engines which handle storms of imagination. These climate designs harness the deluge and tumults of concepts, ideas, fantasies, horrible ideas, gists and cogitations -- funneling it all into cyclones of comprehension. They also provide emersion tools as well.

What I'm hoping Scrible will do is provide reliable annotation and hopefully some curation of source material. I'm also curious about the tracking of the annotations. This sounds like an easy way to be able to revisit the initial data gathering paths.

I write fiction novels. I build all types of political and social world stories, mixing in mythological and paranormal aspects with urban living. The stronger my recall, the faster my hold on the details of these dense fabrications, as well as everything else moving around inside the fractal complexities for characters and scenes, the better the novel, and the more fun I have creating them. So, yeah, I'm looking for a good grip on reality, so I don't get lost.

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