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Where to Find Stuff: Writers, Crime and the Law

No, not laws against or for you. But Rather, Where to find all of that information you need to complete this next scene. That's why you're searching around, right? Well, I have some help for you. I've been down this road before. I have quite a few sources to share.


If you are just starting out, or have been ambushed by a sudden need to know about court procedures, the American Bar Association has a fantastic document called How Courts Work, that steps you through each of the stages, with enough information to get through your story needs. 

Looking for stats on Arrests? The FBI has a page for every year since 1995, though at the time of this writing the reports for 2019 are the latest available. The availability isn't all that friendly in the form the FBI have this data. Also it is never complete data and much of the information gets thrown into categories that are oversized. Vera Arrest Trends, steps up for helping with this gov jamming situation. 

According to research by the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College, as of May 2018, at least 910 state and local public safety agencies have purchased drones (based on Federal Aviation Administration and other records). Of those, 599 are law enforcement agencies. The survey identified the make and model of drones owned by 627 of the 910 agencies. Of the 627, 523 have drones made by DJI. Of those, over 200 agencies fly either the Inspire or Matrice models, which can be equipped with the Z30 zoom camera. has some interesting tidbits and perhaps a few Theories to push the creativity around. 

Here are some resources for other information I'm always looking up. 

Cost of Living around the World.  Great format and constantly being updated. 

InciWeb    Incident Map of Fires, Floods and other hits to our nation.

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