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Inciting Emotion through Word Usage

Below are 100 words that incite Happy in the reader. 

There are many uses for this understanding of words and their usage. The Meaning of Words is effective, of course. Language would hardly be worth the hassle if that wasn't the case. 

The effect of the word itself, both in the sound, and the experience of the word is also a strong factor in the emotional response of the reader. Part of the appeal or response will be in what is called the Beauty of a word.

'Cellar door' is considered the most beautiful word because of phonaesthetics. It's the study of beauty associated with speech sounds. Words perceived as euphonious/pleasant tend to have a combination of criteria; here are some major ones: 

  • Contains two or more syllables (e.g. Cellar door -> SEH-LAH-DOH)
  • Stress on the first syllable (Cellar door -> SEH-lah-doh)
  • Have /l/ sound usually followed by /m, s, n, k, t, d/. (Example: luminous contains the first four i.e. /l/, /m/, /n/, /s/, cellar door has three i.e. /s/, /l/, /d/)
  • Short vowels (e.g., the schwa, followed in order by the vowels in bid, bed, and bad) are favored over long vowels and diphthongs (e.g., as in bide, bode, bowed).
  • Three or more manners of articulation (with approximant consonants the most common, followed by stop consonants, and so on).
  • The consonants and vowels vary from syllable to syllable. (Examples: Cellar door -> /'sɛlədɔ:/, melody -> /'mɛlədi/, luminous -> /ˈlmɪnəs/).

Here is a List of 60 Beautiful words

Words that Incite Happy

Laughter, happiness, love, happy, 

laughed, laugh, laughing, excellent, 

laughs, joy, successful, win, rainbow, 

smile, won, pleasure, smiled, rainbows, 

winning, celebration, enjoyed, healthy, 

music, celebrating, congratulations, 

weekend, celebrate, comedy, jokes, 

rich, victory, Christmas, free, friendship, 

fun, holidays, loved, loves, loving, 

beach, hahaha, kissing, sunshine, 

delicious, friends, funny, outstanding, 

paradise, sweetest, vacation, butterflies, 

freedom, flower, great, sunlight, 

sweetheart, sweetness, award, chocolate, 

hahahaha, heaven, peace, splendid, 

success, enjoying, kissed, attraction, 

celebrated, hero, hugs, positive, sun, 

birthday, blessed, fantastic, winner, 

delight, beauty, butterfly,entertainment, 

funniest, honesty, sky, smiles, succeed, 

wonderful, glorious, kisses, promotion, 

family, gift, humor, romantic, cupcakes, 

festival, hahahahaha, honour, relax, weekends, 

angel, b-day, bonus, brilliant, diamonds, 

holiday, lucky, mother, super, amazing, angels, 

enjoy, friend, friendly, mother’s, profit, finest, 

bday, champion, grandmother, haha,

 kiss, kitten, miracle, mom, sweet, 

blessings, bright, cutest, entertaining, excited, 

excitement, joke, millionaire, prize, succeeded, 

successfully, winners, shines, awesome, 

genius, achievement, cake, cheers, exciting, 

goodness, hug, income, party, puppy, 

smiling, song, succeeding, tasty, victories, 

achieved, billion, cakes, easier, flowers, gifts, 

gold, merry, families, handsome, lovers, 

affection, candy, cute, diamond, earnings, 

interesting, peacefully, praise, relaxing, roses, 

Saturdays, faithful, heavens, cherish, comfort, 

congrats, cupcake, earn, extraordinary, glory, 

hilarious, moonlight, optimistic, peaceful, 

romance, feast, attractive, glad, grandma, 

internet, pleasant, profits, smart.

Words that Don't Incite Happy

Terrorist, suicide, rape, terrorism, murder, death, cancer, killed, kill, died, torture, raped, deaths, arrested, killing, die, terror, jail, kills, war, murdered, killings, fatal, tortured, abused, sickness, failed, cry, cruel, violence, sadness, diseases, abuse, wars, evil, earthquake, depressing, poison, fail, disaster, bomb, tumors, poverty, headache, depression, criminal, punishment, killers, illness, disease, dead, slavery, sick, motherfucker, rejection, injury, destroyed, crying, violent, tragedy, slaves, slave, prison, hates, failure, fails, bankruptcy, virus, suffer, robbery, rejected, racist, dies, worst, pain, funeral, dying, heartbreak, unhappy, unemployment, sorrow, painful, hurts, hated, crimes, corruption, pollution, homeless, drowned, agony, tsunami, robbed, hurt, divorced, depressed, loser, crime, cried, suffering, injured.


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