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Anonymous Hacked the Sheriffs for Sandra

It seems that Anonymous Hacked the Sheriffs for Sandra Bland. They report something disturbingly close to my conclusions, only it has a much deeper repercussion value. I've been pressing the Sheriffs and the Media for a Time of Death from the coroner. The first autopsy has not been released, only the follow up from the next day. My working theory is that Sandra was dead prior to 7:30am that morning. Anonymous made this statement after their Sheriff hack -- far more disturbing
"Greetings Waller County Sheriff Department, Are you ready for August 8th? Do you think the city police is ready? Well we are ready. On July 10, 2015, unnecessary force of action was used against Sandra Bland when she was arrested over a minor traffic stop. Officer Encinia used excessive force causing injuries to Sandra which led to her death."

This is the rest of their message:

We are distraught and angered by the careless response to our demands of arresting officer Brian Encinia and the pedaling of illegitimate and doctored evidence by the media.

Our blood is boiling with rage and on August 8th we will be hitting your servers once more. We will also take our rage to the streets across the nation. We will be protesting at courthouses, parks, police stations, and even at officers homes. We will have our moment of rage for her. We have given you plenty of warning of what is to come.

Not a single sheriff officer in your department has attempted to cross the thin blue line and hold the murderer accountable for his actions. Therefore, in the eyes of FrightSec and in the eyes of Anonymous, you all are just as guilty as he is. As your punishment we are leaking your employee list little by little. The only way to stop this is by crossing the thin blue line and uphold the oath you swore. To protect and serve the citizens and arrest Officer Encinia.

August 8th will be a day to remember. That day the nation will rage. We are asking the people protesting in Waller County to consider and talk with your friends and families about protesting at the officers houses. Until the Police State of America realizes that the power belongs to the people and that their badge does not grant them extra right, they will continue to abuse their power. they will continue to murder our kids, murder our vets, murder the homeless, and continue the use of brutality. Protesting at their house will show them that you are serious and demand change.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Link arms with groups like Anonymous, Cop Block, Cop Watch, Occupy, and Black Lives Matter and burn the oppressors down!

This modern day genocide will soon be over America. We will soon no longer be like Iraq on the home-front. Until you stop using deadly force on unarmed citizens this movement will be here. We will be here. The Frightsec movement is here to stay. Waller County Sheriffs Department you should really keep a tighter security of your server data. To the police state of America, your police brutality will no longer go unnoticed. You are no longer exempt from the laws you swore to uphold. Do not expect us, for it is far too late.

Commentary on the Release here

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