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Open Letter to 527 Group "Priorities for Colorado", Julie Wells

Open Letter to Julie Wells, 527 Group "Priorities for Colorado" 

527 Group Priorities for Colorado, Julie Wells,

I'm very disappointed in your ad using the murdered  girl in Colorado. Also, confused as to what your goal was.

Refusing to let the FBI into your house without a warrant is not (for the record) obstruction of Justice... It is obstruction of Tyranny. Last I heard, we were against Tyranny in all forms. In fact I believe the Republicans are in agreement with us on that one. Yes, definitely a bipartisan issue, Tyranny. 

I know that wasn't a first draft. You had to have read the script a few times, and then heard it during production. Never once, did it cross your mind, that the family of that little girl, lives in the district that Susan Kochevar seeks to represent? Not once? It didn't tickle the hairs on your neck that you were using a murdered child as a political platform? No goulish thoughts at all?

Jeffco Board of Education, the largest school district in Colorado(republican driven) is breaking Constitutional law (the Blaine Amendment) by regularly buying services and items from local churches with public funds.They are also about to bring in a charter school which requires religious training. 

Julie Williams, who is on that board, is so extremist she believes Colorado should have a Christian school system just like Texas and pushies Tea Party agendas -- she's an embarrassment and a perfect poster child for the current state of the GOP. She scares the hell out of them. She is the cause of the school demonstrations. There is national attention on the way the majority members of that school district are acting.  Republican Cory Gardner, is still unable to explain his continued support of the personhood bills he sponsored( the Life Begins at Conception Act ) in the House of Representatives in 2012 and 2013, while continuing to say he can't support personhood laws going forward. 

He is unable to present a reasonable explanation for this extreme discrepancy, except that State and Federal would be different. Colorado, historically, doesn't like falsehood. The explanation is that Gardner is a Party Follower, and if the choice is between what he believes -- against what the Party says, he will go with the party. In 2013 Gardner voted with the Republican Party 97.5 percent  of the time. In 2014 he voted with the party 95.5 percent of the time. He has no backbone -- and Colorado was about to figure that out. He sponsors that bill because The GOP told him to sponsor the Life Begins at Conception Act -- and he nodded his head and signed his name, against his own conscious. True, sponsoring is not voting, but he is weak enough that he would vote as well I think. The case was a strong one. AND the GOP has a 80% disapproval rate right now. -- All of these things, and more.. much more

The Jeffco issues were going to paralyze Susan Kochevar. She had no help there at all, since Ken Witt is basically inept and breaks every policy and Sunshine law near him.

In other words, such heinous smearing was completely unnecessary. Despite what it looked like, this week was to push Colorado into Democrat space...until you opened your mouth. There is nothing I can think of that will remove this message of yours from the minds of that girl's friends and neighbors. Somethings burn too deep. 

Your idea was rude, unnecessary, and even without the backlash it would have been ineffectual by ultimately touting a message the Democrats don't believe in.

You couldn't have picked a worse topic for that area if you were a extremist republican with tea party tendencies and did it on purpose. Colorado is moderates -- Republicans with progressive tendencies. Democrats with conservative tendencies. These people are "regular solid citizens" with inherent family values. Have you never heard of Baby Jessica? A little girl fell down a hole  in Texas -- and Colorado, more than any other state, went absolutely ballistic. Bears aren't more protective of their young. I can't get my head to come up with the variables which allowed you to believe that message was a good idea. It rubs me, personally, so wrong I'm thinking "even republicans don't do that". 

I can't suggest an apology, because no one in that girl's family wants to hear you. The best thing you can do right now, is turn off your computer, and go home. Stay there. Don't touch anything. Please! We're suppose to be the liberal caring party. Remember? Clean air, safe energy, trees and shit? Murdered girls thrown into the face of their family and neighbors? Just stop!

Seriously.. stop. 

To the family of Jessica Ridgeway .. really, this isn't our message. I deeply apologize for every Democrat I know... this is not our message. I am personally appalled at this, and as a father, enraged. I wish I could offer you more than the composers name and email, but 527 groups basically run themselves and don't mix with others... I'm not even comfortable with their methods. There should be much more transparency, and accountability. If there was, perhaps messages like this would not feel like such a good idea.

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