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Twenty Feel Good Emotions

Understanding emotional context is high interest right now in the Computer Science area. Heck, it's high octane just about every where these days. Humor especially. The main interest lies in the Sentiment Analyzer. 

I became interested in this work around 2014 when the IBM Watson was still in development and under a different project name. Sentiment attracted me as a possible insight tool in to how my writing might be perceived (A troubling assessment for most writers). AI seemed to be the answer to the age old writer question "so, how does this sound?" In fact most of what they were into -- all of the AI threads and goals -- appeared to be massively useful to the writing community. 

The first think I learned about the Sentiment Analyzer, was it was based off Seven Primary Emotions -- which threw all kinds of flags around for me. There quite a few more emotions that that, primary or not. Later I would discover that Primary, supposedly described the emotions which through expression utilized the same muscle groups across the world and even into the animal world. That was interesting, but hardly useful if that's all sentiment was going to be able to accomplish -- Good or Bad or Meh based on three positive and four negative descriptors. 

I've been off the trail for a few months now. But decided to put out something on Positive emotions, sense those appear to be hard to define. 

1. JOY
Joy comes from the experiences which are delightful and memorable when you feel that everything is right when you feel happy, safe, satisfied, and comfortable. It is a feeling of great happiness and pleasure that lifts up the spirit.

Every human being has the desire to learn new things, see new places. Humans are curious and eager to explore, and the feeling of interests comes from that curiosity. When you feel interested in something, a person, a place, or else, you instantly become more open to the adventure and experiences, you discover and learn.

In many ways, serenity is similar to joy, because you feel that everything is right and that feeling is followed by the tranquility and peace of mind. It means being in the state where you feel relaxed when you don’t have any worries, where you are completely calm, enjoying.
At certain moments in life, you may experience some problems, and feeling the hope means you know all those issues are not permanent ones, it means you feel and believe things will change for the better, and the future is bright and beautiful.

Gratitude is about appreciation, for certain things and people you have in your life, such as good health, great friends and family members, the talents you might possess, fortune, fame, and more, and being thankful for it.

Kindness often involves affection, and warmth and this emotion is about being considerate, being generous and friendly to other people.

When you do not expect a certain event to happen, and if the event happens, which is not only unexpected but is pleasurable and desirable, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Feeling cheerful means you are in the state of mind which is positive, it means you are optimistic and happy.

Believing that you can do something, that you can accomplish certain goals, or that you will successfully finish a particular task means that you feel confident.

When you feel positive about people who are skillful, talented, and exceptional is something, you will admire those people. Admiration is a positive social emotion.

Enthusiasm is the emotion you will feel when you are extremely excited about something when you are very interested in something.

This emotion is something you will feel when you are simply overwhelmed with an experience that involves a great joy. For instance, you may be euphoric when your favorite football team is winning a game.

Satisfaction is the emotion you will usually feel after you fulfill a certain desire or need you had, but you can also feel satisfied when you help someone with something.

Pride is the emotion that comes from feeling important and exalted for the things you achieved or the things you currently do. When you achieve something great, which is considered as valuable in social terms, you will be proud of that achievement. Feeling proud has the positive impact on self-confidence.

Contentment is the emotion you’ll feel when you are satisfied and happy when your mind is at ease.

Feeling inspired comes from the uplifting experience which basically takes your breath away, such as watching a sunset which is simply perfect, being the witness of an excellence and more.

Life is full of humor, funny stories and jokes, and funny and playful experiences that will make you laugh so hard, and in those moments, you will feel completely amused.

When experiencing or doing something you like, when simply taking a pleasure in something, means you enjoy it. It is a feeling of pleasure.

19. AWE
Awe is something that happens when you see or experience something truly powerful and great, and when you are completely stunned by all that greatness. For instance, it may come from seeing things such as an impressive work of art, beautiful sunset, or Niagara waterfalls, Grand Canyon, an amazing beach covered in white sand, or else.

20. LOVE
The list of the top 20 positive feelings and emotions is random, but the fact is, love is without any doubt the most frequent positive feeling. Moreover, love is the emotion that includes many other emotions and feelings, such as gratitude, interest, joy, awe and more. Love is an extremely strong feeling of affection, and it is the feeling that makes people feel good, feel happy, and it makes the life as beautiful as it is.


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