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Twisted Outrages Of Invisible Friends in Texas

Texas has caused Feelings
And then there is Texas... 

So much has happened to the Rape State of Texas. It's gone from Lone Star to One star over the last couple of months. The myth of the Alamo has been laid out, and how that sausage of myth got made into the Jim Crow South of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Which, with a dash of irony, points out some systemic troubles with Critical Race Theory. Instead of cultural education, and understanding of historic issues, they are now building their own out-rage(d)ous fortune. But that's not all the Ape State has been up to these last couple of months. No, when Texas goes, it goes big. 

The takeaway, from all that has befallen the People of Texas -- a burden laid on them by a decidedly small vocal group with atrophied souls, is that VOTING is important. Every election. If you don't believe your vote matters, then why are so many wealthy assholes spending top dollar to ensure you don't count? 

I say this because it is only a small portion of the religious community which believes in spending millions of dollars to ban a legal medical procedure. The public at large, in state and out, is clearly against this use of public funds. We have so much more, which requires attention. Attention it is not getting. 

... there’s no consensus about changing the state’s current abortion laws: 33% would make them stricter, 33% would make them less strict and 22% would leave them alone. Local Texas News

We Need to Talk About the Elephant in the Womb, 
but really what we need is for the elephant to, just leave.
Yes, this minority of white rich people have been up to more than taking Voting Rights away. In fact, recent activity calls into question their claims of Small Government. For a small government they are getting seriously handsy. 

My son was planning on moving to Austin, Texas, but  -- like many others -- that choice has been called into question. In fact, several companies have developed and posted 'Exit Strategies' for themselves, and their employees currently living in Texas. 

"Elon had to get out of California because in part of the social policies in California,” Gov. Abbott said of the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, who recently relocated from California. “And Elon consistently tells me that he likes the social policies in the state of Texas.”

Which as it happened, Elon heard about this and Tweeted his response:

Last year, Musk donated to three anti-abortion Republican lawmakers and four Democratic lawmakers who support abortion rights, giving each $2,800, according to money-in-politics tracker at This adds credence to his claim, which is a far cry from acceptance or agreement. 

I can't see Elon being interested in the state's idiocracy unless it does something which keeps cars from being made or rockets from going into space. Donations like his are measured doles to keep people from bothering you. 

Despite this, and the claim to be Small Government, Texas has grabbed its women by the pussy again, and climbed inside. 

5600 new cases on the 25th

Oddly, Gov. Abbot appears to be Pro-Death when it comes to his citizens, those being outside of the womb. This choreographed construction of confusion and proclamation has allowed the Corona-19 Virus to spread disease at impressive rates, boosting fatality across his state. It has been an efficiency lesson for the Reaper. In forbidding vaccine mandates, and providing an environment inducing widespread infections, he has cost the taxpayers again a massive price tag
~250 New Deaths on the 25th

Another Filled in El Paso

Texas has requested multiple Morgue Trailers to keep up with the dead as the funeral homes and hospital storages are over burdened. 

What wacks me with a salmon is that they are spending/hemorrhaging like a progressive government, without doing anything... progressive. Watching it happen causes my eyes to cross and gives me a headache. 

They stick to their guns, however. Just before the weekend, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed in a new law which  restricts access to abortion-inducing medications. So, if you are living there, you might wish to become familiar with Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Of course, Mexico is an option, since they have passed laws to ensure the legality of the operation and safety standards. 

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