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September is Rising
Marketing New Titles?

Marketing for authors is a larger job than most realize. In this post I've gathered some decent articles to get you up to speed and to offer insights you may not have considered.

 TIP: If you are going to start a blog - remember the key is consistent posts. If you can't commit to a post a week it's better to use a different tool for your marketing.



  1. 11 Awesome Video Marketing Tools
  2. 3 Trends Shaping Retailers’ Data-Driven Marketing
  3. 3 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Supercharge Your Outbound Sales Calls
  4. 4 Ways to Marry Your Email Marketing and Website Optimization Strategies
  5. 5 Best Ways to Make Automated Emails Feel Personal
  6. 5 Email Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations
  7. 5 Ways The World Of Marketing Has Opened Up In The Last 15 Years
  8. 7 Email Newsletter Design Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
  9. 9 clever ways to automate your small business with IFTTT
  10. 9 Reasons Why Great Creators Mix Visuals & Story [Infographic]
  11. Can Your Customers Trust You?
  12. Cool Rules for More Compelling Storytelling
  13. Email Strategy – Getting The Basics In Place
  14. Five Tricks To Improve Lead Conversions And Save You Time
  15. Fundraising is Marketing
  16. Hey Marketers, Be Careful How You Spend Your Money on Analytics
  17. How To Create Content When Feeling Lazy
  18. How to Design a Sticky Landing Page
  19. How to Generate Leads on Demand with Outbound Prospecting
  20. How To Write Killer Meta Descriptions
  21. In The Age of Disruption, Customer Love Is More Important Than Ever
  22. Is Your Copywriter Killing Your B2B Business?
  23. Lead Nurturing: You’re Doing it Wrong
  24. Location-Based Advertising: When My Phone “Knows” More Than My Friends
  25. Marketing Strategy Sample – Market Sizing, Market Segmentation & Technology Adoption
  26. Repurposing Old Website Content
  27. The Enthusiasts Guide To Creating a Podcast (And Why It Can Crumble)
  28. The Link Strategist: The Missing Role For Enterprise-Level Link Building
  29. The Six Cardinal Sins of Reddit Marketing
  30. The US Hispanic Market and Future of Content Marketing
  31. The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Marketing Automation
  32. What we learned from marketing to 2 million teenagers
  33. Why Isn’t My Marketing Working: Contact Conversion
  34. Why You Need To Align Marketing And Sales
  35. Why Your Website is Never Really “Finished”

Social Media Marketing

  1.  SEJThinkTank Recap: 15 Methods for Optimizing Facebook Ads by @Rocco_Zebra_Adv
  2. 21 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads With Ad Targeting
  3. 25 Must-Have Tools In A Social Media And Content Marketer’s Stack
  4. 3 Things Your Business is (Still) Getting Wrong About Social Media
  5. 6 Tips for Publishing on LinkedIn
  6. 8 Easy Ways to Build More Twitter Followers
  7. Facebook Working On An App For Delivering Breaking News Alerts
  8. Facebook: The Reputation Management Tool You’re Probably Ignoring
  9. How to Grow Your Twitter Following
  10. Marketing: Top 10 Social Media Management Tools
  11. Social Media Customer Service: 3 Speakers, 12 Best Practices
  12. Twitter Advertising Best Practices Broken Down by Retail Industry, Business Size


  1. How To Make Money As A Blogger
  2. Should I Redesign my Website with WordPress?
  3. The Dos and Don’ts of Using Keywords for Business Blogging

  1. How New Top Level Domains Have Changed Google Search
  2. How to Create the Right Meta Description
  3. Moz Releases 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study
  4. SEJ Wrap Up: Local SEO and Asking for Links: Is It Right or Wrong?
  5. Top Search Ranking Factors of 2015, According to Moz Study

Tech News

  1. Android Should Be The “A” In Google’s Alphabet
  2. BMW owns and it’s not selling it to Google
  3. Facebook Mentions Live Video Streaming Feature Only Available to Celebrities?
  4. Facebook’s new video ads can play in any app
  5. Facebook’s Pursuit Of Ad Revenues Is Getting Ugly; It’s Missing A Chance To Make Users’ Lives Better
  6. Google buried an awesome Easter egg deep in its Alphabet announcement
  7. Google Image Search Test Now Shows Images Within PDFs
  8. Google Make Big Changes In The Local Space
  9. Google Shares Spike 6% After ‘Alphabet’ Restructuring
  10. Irony Alert: Could Alphabet’s Hidden Link To Hooli Get It Banned In Google?
  11. Is Bing Trolling Google & Alphabet With ABC.WTF Redirect?
  12. Like Google, Alphabet’s site is already blocked in China
  13. Meet Alphabet, Google’s New Corporate Boss As Sundar Pichai Takes Over The Search Company
  14. OK Alphabet
  15. Ready for Google’s Alphabet?
  16. Sundar Pichai Appointed Google CEO As Google Becomes Division Of Alphabet Inc.
  17. The Force Behind Alphabet Is Likely Ruth Porat
  18. The inside story of why Google is becoming Alphabet now
  19. The Real Reasons Google Will Become Alphabet
  20. Twitter Launches Full Archive Search API To Give Enterprises Instant Access To Every Tweet
  21. Twitter Takes On Google’s Alphabet: Today’s Best Tweets So Far
  22. What Google has to gain by adopting the Alphabet
  23. What Google’s Alphabet means for Android
  24. Why Google Became Alphabet, Explained In 120 Seconds

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