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Getting the most out of a Tweet

If you are going to bother sending out links to bring people to your blog, you might as well spend a little more time and get some information from the effort. And if you have Analytics from Google, then it really is an easy thing to set up. Check out this page on Google for the link tracking, bookmark, and then come back for a few tips. SEO isn't that hard and for the most part, you don't need much to get some serious information.

So you had a look at the handy link creator that Google has for everyone in the world to use. It isn't easy to find -- which  is typical Google doings -- but there it is, and the form creates a nice link for you. I hope you'll take that nice link and shove it into Bitly as soon as possible so that your tweet isn't garbled with extraneous information.
Doing a bit of tracking on the links in your Social Net world will often reap more benefits than you imagine. The trouble is, most people think it is too much of a pain in the ass to set up the links

So you have the novel done and you want to put out some tweets. This is great, and most of your followers are probably waiting for that message to come across the Internet. But lets see what kind of message reaches out the best and attracts the most attention.

Settings :  Twitter campaign
Campaign Source :  HashTag
Campaign Medium :  tweet
Campaign Term :  the hash tag you sent    this   into i.e. NEWS
Campaign Content :  call_to_action_2 i.e.    the message of your tweet
Campaign Name :  blogpost2

HINT:  add to your 'Term' hash code a 'time' code as well. So if you are going to send it into #NEWS then make your Term NEWS-0900. 

You don't want to use the Campaign Source for the name of your Hash Tags -- it gets too messy. Keep that at the 500ft view and the use the Term area for your separate Tags and Times. It is also best to keep the Campaign Name area short. So for your blog posts (or product names) make a spread sheet of the links, names and codes -- otherwise your graphs and charts on the Analytics side are going to be sloppy with long post titles spilling out everywhere. 

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