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Too Funny -- Wonder If We Can Find out The Origin

Working on my research tonight for the latest #HeForShe project and digging through Hate Crime reports. Apparently as I reposted from their site in another article the amount of hate crimes is down from last year. I also noticed that the amount from Black to White and White to Black was wonderfully low. Keep in mind that the number is from those crimes which were deemed "Hate" crimes, which has a specific and precise legal definition.

So I'm doing my info gathering and building my fusion databases and creating my spiders and my eye catches it just as I'm closing the window. 

It is after the Hate Crime Statistics Act, at the bottom I made it easy to see. We need to find out Who is so Homophobic that the FBI was compelled to have that message -- apparently for there own safety, or to let others know they were not at risk. 

Either way, it is funny as hell. 

Hate Crime Statistics Act

As Amended, 28 U.S.C. § 534

§ “[Sec. 1.] (a) This Act may be cited as the ‘Hate Crime Statistics Act’.
              (1) Under the authority of section 534 of title 28, United States Code, the Attorney General shall acquire data, for each calendar year, about crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, gender and gender identity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, including where appropriate the crimes of murder, non-negligent manslaughter; forcible rape; aggravated assault, simple assault, intimidation; arson; and destruction, damage or vandalism of property.
            “(2) The Attorney General shall establish guidelines for the collection of such data including the necessary evidence and criteria that must be present for a finding of manifest prejudice and procedures for carrying out the purposes of this section.
            “(3) Nothing in this section creates a cause of action or a right to bring an action, including an action based on discrimination due to sexual orientation. As used in this section, the term ‘sexual orientation’ means consensual homosexuality or heterosexuality. This subsection does not limit any existing cause of action or right to bring an action, including any action under the Administrative Procedure Act or the All Writs Act [5 U.S.C.S. §§ 551 et seq. or 28 U.S.C.S. § 1651].
            “(4) Data acquired under this section shall be used only for research or statistical purposes and may not contain any information that may reveal the identity of an individual victim of a crime.
            “(5) The Attorney General shall publish an annual summary of the data acquired under this sectionincluding data about crimes committed by, and crimes directed against, juveniles.
      “(c) There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section through fiscal year 2002.
            “Sec. 2. (a) Congress finds that—
            “(1) the American family life is the foundation of American Society,
            “(2) Federal policy should encourage the well-being, financial security, and health of the American family,
            “(3) schools should not de-emphasize the critical value of American family life.
        “(b) Nothing in this Act shall be construed, nor shall any funds appropriated to carry out the purpose of the Act be used, to promote or encourage homosexuality.

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