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The Golden Verses Of The Stoic

Seneca and Epictetus refer to the Golden Verses of Pythagoras , which happens to provide a good framework for developing a daily routine, bookended by morning and evening contemplative practices. Zeno of Citium , who founded Stoicism in 301 BC, expressed his doctrines in notoriously terse arguments and concise maxims.  However, Chrysippus, the third head of the Stoic school, wrote over 700 books fleshing these ideas out and adding complex arguments to support them. 

Word of the Day | Dec 13 2014

  1. absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case.
    "the question may never be answered with certitude"
    synonyms:certaintyconfidencesureness, positiveness,convictionassurance
    "the question may never be answered with certitude"
    • something that someone firmly believes is true.
      plural noun: certitudes
      "his certitude that “we're number one.”"