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Word of the Day - Amorphous

  1. without a clearly defined shape or form.
    "amorphous blue forms and straight black lines"
    synonyms:shapelessformless, structureless, indeterminateMore
    • vague; ill-organized; unclassifiable.
      "make explicit the amorphous statements"
    • (of a group of people or an organization) lacking a clear structure or focus.
      "an amorphous and leaderless legislature"

A perfect example of amorphous projects is the current GOP attacks on President Obama. There is no real goal to them, and they seem to be based on the erroneous idea that if Obama is weak, then they are strong -- which is absurd. The President is the First man. He is US, the citizens of the United States. He is the Commander and Chief of every Military Service man, and Veteran who have fought to keep this country free. To attack him, is to attack everyone in this country -- it is to make you resented and the target of animosity. We may not like what the President is doing, or what he says all the time. We may not agree on some of his agendas -- but no matter what, he is still the President. The office is important, even sacred. 

So, the GOP (whose approval rating is currently 12% and falling) doesn't really have a firm plan or goal on why they attack or why they obstruct instead of supporting the president. It is an amorphous  objective that they tend not to look at too closely. 

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