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Boehner and Ebola

"The House has continued to listen to the American people and to focus on their concerns," Boehner told reporters. "Whether it's the economy, whether it's jobs, whether it's protecting the American people from Obamacare -- we've done our work."

Before GOPTea Boehner became House Speaker, GOP Gingrich’s 1995 congress was on record as the least productive congress in our history with the passage of merely 88 bills.

However, Boehner’s sorry record beats Newt’s.

Since Boehner became Speaker in January 2011, his two congresses have passed fewer bills than any other congresses in American history.

The 112th congress got less done than any congress before it with the passage of 61 bills; as well, it saw public support for congress drop to the lowest level ever recorded in the history of modern polling.

The 113th congress is now on record to be worse than even than the 112th with the passage of fewer than 55 bills. (~ House Clerk’s Office)

No congress has passed fewer bills under any other Speaker than Boehner’s two congresses.

Compare Boehner’s record with Nancy Pelosi’s: She is on record as one of our greatest Speakers with the passage of 400 bills in her tenure.

GOPTea’s were elected in 2010 on the false slogan of “jobs jobs jobs.” So far Boehner and his GOPTea’s have created ZERO jobs.

Boehner’s Houses will be known for their vast number of vacation days, their failed 46-repeal-Obamacare-votes and shutting down the government over defunding-Obamacare, costing the American taxpayers $53+ million and $26+ billion respectively.

Voted against veterans on several bills that would have given them retraining, small business loans, better Veteran care and even voted to cut food stamps for the families of serving troops doing their duty while waving the flag.

They tried to block funding for super storm Sandy relief until Chris Christie publicly shamed you by saying he never felt more ashamed to be a Republican.

Boehner has consistently addressed the national media in an incoherent fashion with slurred speech and nothing but nonsense that was debunked as soon as it left your mouth but you felt no shame in repeating it over and over.

Most of the time John Boehner is addressing the public he is lying.

The culture of this Congress is centered around obstruction. It doesn't matter how good the program is, what it stimulates, or if it is successful once in motion -- if it goes against the GOP agenda, or makes Obama even a slight success, they attack. 

Common Core is a perfect example. Here is a list of lies that plague Common Core, inciting public distrust, even though it has been successful over the last year. 

May 20, 2014
A company hired to do Common Core testing in Florida will "attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can."
— Charles Van Zan

July 25, 2014
Says Common Core is a federal mandate.
— Joe Leibham

August 11, 2014
Says George Soros and Bill Gates are funding a bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone that caused the Ebola outbreak.
— Bloggers

October 22, 2013
Common Core is being "used by the Obama Administration to turn the Department of Education into what is effectively a national school board."
— Marco Rubio

October 21, 2013
The goal of Common Core is "to instill federally determined attitudes and mindsets in students including political and religious beliefs."
— Florida Stop Common Core Coalition(Pants on Fire)

October 21, 2013
"Common Core expects English teachers to spend at least half of their reading instructional time at every grade level on informational texts."
— Sandra Stotsky

October 21, 2013
Teachers were not involved in developing the Common Core State Standards.
— Public comments at a Common Core hearing

October 21, 2013
Common Core means "there are over 300 data elements the government is going to be collecting about your children and about you."
— Tim Curtis

September 11, 2013
"One out of every three students currently today is ready for college before they go there."
— Will Weatherford -- trying to say we don't need the program

August 30, 2012
President Obama’s education "solution" includes an effort to "nationalize curriculum."
— Rick Santorum

For educational testing, Florida "has chosen a company that has a significant history of promoting identification of the GLBT lifestyle for children as young as seven years old."

Every one of those are absolute lies. False. Made up from nothing than to spread hate and confusion.  

The meme's on the Internet are just as lame and more disturbing. All of them can be debunked in seconds by looking the Myths and Facts file on the Common Core website 

This doesn't stop them however. Insistently they hounds parents, students and teachers with propaganda. Even on the news -- see Fox News for example. 

The fact of our Education is this: Scores in math, reading and science posted by 15-year-olds in the United States were flat while their counterparts elsewhere — particularly in Shanghai, Singapore and other Asian provinces or countries — soared, according to the results of a well-regarded international exam. 
While U.S. teenagers were average in reading and science, their scores were below average in math, compared to 64 other countries and economies that participated in the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA. That pattern has not changed much since the PISA test was first given in 2000. 
That is 12 Years without signs of growth. 
“Our scores are stagnant. We’re not seeing any improvement for our 15-year-olds,” said Jack Buckley, commissioner at the National Center for Education Statistics, the research arm of the Education Department. “But our ranking is slipping because a lot of these other countries are improving.”

Last year, with the Common Core standards, we saw growth. Not much, but we are up. (2009 tests showed us at 287, 2013 is 302) So... alright that isn't much. But it was the first year of Common Core, many of the teachers were still getting use to the new standards, students were getting use to the new expectations -- and lets not forget the carpet-bombing of hate-common-core propaganda coming in every hour, with phasers set on obliterate. 

It was growth. For the last 12 years we were stagnate and then ... growth. Did the Republicans and hate machines back off? No, they grew stronger, into a frenzy that was close to panic. No, they don't care about the students, the teachers or the schools. All they care about is not letting the president succeed on any project. 

Obamacare? Same thing. The results show that it is working, and the Republicans have assaulted it 46 times for repeal. In fact anything that the Democrats or Obama is doing, the GOP attacks like rabid dogs. 

Never, in our history has a Congressman told a General that he should quit to show protest against a President. Never. Up until this Congress, that was an inconceivable act -- and during a time of War? Are you serious? The idea simply wasn't possible. No one could possibly be so unAmerican, and traitorous and be a Congressman. This was a telling event. A couple of Republicans publicly distanced themselves from this traitor, but basically for the whole of the GOP -- it was business as usual the next day. Similar to when the same traitor refereed to the president as 'that tarbaby'.  

I bring all of this up for a reason. We, as a country, are threatened with Ebola, and ISIS. In order to be effective against either of these, we need a government which can act. Our current congress doesn't care about anything except for petty wars, propaganda and obstruction. Basically, we're screwed, because this Congress is not going to turn around and get behind their President. They will continue to obstruct. They will continue to do nothing except to spread hate, fear and propaganda. The more fear that Ebola presents, the more separatist they will become and the more they will attack .. well US


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