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%5.9 Unemployment rate... Sweet

Obama managed to do this with the Worse Congress is US History doing everything they could to stop him. Mitt Romney by the way, said he could only get us to 6% by the end of the 4 year term. .

In an interview with Time magazine, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney pledged six percent unemployment by the end of his first term in office. 
 “I can tell you that over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies that we’d put in place, we’d get the unemployment rate down to 6 percent, and perhaps a little lower,” he told Mark Halperin.
Unemployment currently stands at 8.1 percent.
Romney first pledged 5.9 percent unemployment when he released his economic plan in September of 2011, but he has not repeated the number since. -- WP Interview 

Something needs to be done about the GOP Culture of Obstruction. It's a damn shame that the Nation has missed out on the ability of our President because of racial and party hate agendas.

GOP should have to refund the American people their salaries this term for complete failure of expectations and moral damage which may last generations. To think we have to depend on a congress, which not only calls the man in the Oval Office a 'tar-baby' .. in public But commits treason during wartime to under cut his position and office. 53 appeal attempts on a healthcare system with 64 percent of Americans supporting it outright  Clearly GOP doesn't care what the public wants which is why 80% of Americans have no confidence in them.

Representative Doug Lamborn who is being accused of racism for his comments on a radio show in the wake of the debt ceiling debacle: 
[T]hey will hold the President responsible. Now, I don’t even want to be associated with him, it's like touching a, a tar baby and you get it ... you know you’re stuck and you’re part of the problem and you can’t get away. [emphasis added]
Lamborn has apologized, but the word around the blogosphere, most articulately phrased by David Sirota at Salon, is that Lamborn was using coded language: “[T]he comment reveals how various forms of racism are still being mainstreamed by the fringe right,” 
Lamborn is also the one that approached Generals after the strikes against ISIS began, in an attempt to coerce them in to resigning -- basically treason.
On the Health Care front, even with all of the repeal attempts hitting Epic Fail -- 
If Republicans win the Senate, Mitch McConnell, the likely majority leader, is expected to hold a symbolic repeal vote early in the new Congress.
So, looking forward we can expect more of the same from the GOP Congress.I love the Symbolic Repeal phasing... doesn't matter to them that they are knowingly waisting time, money and resources on something the American People DO NOT WANT and that they don't have anything to replace it with -- screw it, we're going to do it anyway!  If they keep this up, they'll be at 100% disapproval in no time. 


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