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Yes, I hear you and I Apathize

This idea hit me in the forehead this evening and I can't seem to get it out, so I guess I'm going to have to write it out.


- to actively show no interest in something, or anything
- the act of intentional attention failure
- to not care

usage: It's normal for people to empathize with those in trouble, but all he does is apathize when someone else is struggling.

On the Internet, in blogs, Social Networks and forums I come across a large number of sticky sentimental, crappy articles which are based on faulty logic, heart strings and mis-construed facts (normally from the bible, or political platforms) which should be laughed off the pages, but instead are applauded and taken as Biblical Facts. I have stood aloof and in awe of these atrocities long enough… the only sane response to such arrogant ignorance is cold Apathy.

While I am certainly using these sicky sticky melodramatic landmines for the purpose of trafficking my idea of an Apathizing life, these books are more important to me than this quibble. These books are focused on the ideal of Living on Purpose, rather than droning through life as a victim.

The posts I focus on are not randomly picked, nor are they what-ever-I-could-find, but rather posts, which perpetuate the idea of living as a victim, or worse, victimizing our responsibilities. The most sinful phrase I have ever heard spoken, and then agreed with on a group level, was “I did this because I had to, and now look what has become of me.” In every human atrocity known to our history, there is someone in a position of authority, uttering these words at the accusing eyes across the funeral pyre.

These posts are viral infections, which decay our nation, our neighbors and our futures. What is grievous about them, is that I strongly doubt that the original authors of these quips had this goal in mind when composing them.

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