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The Golden Verses Of The Stoic

Seneca and Epictetus refer to the Golden Verses of Pythagoras , which happens to provide a good framework for developing a daily routine, bookended by morning and evening contemplative practices. Zeno of Citium , who founded Stoicism in 301 BC, expressed his doctrines in notoriously terse arguments and concise maxims.  However, Chrysippus, the third head of the Stoic school, wrote over 700 books fleshing these ideas out and adding complex arguments to support them. 

Seriously loving AutoREALM

I've been working on the Scarred Lands web site, making adventure modules, and I'm not very good at maps. Maps are important for a module however, you really need good ones. AutoRealm seems to be my answer for this lack of talent on my part.

The only problem you might have is that it has an Access violation on Windows Vista, but then, what doesn't have an access violation on Windows Vista? Microsoft has forgotten, it seems, that an operating system's purpose is to run programs! If it doesn't run my programs, then it is not an operating system.

Anyway, I'm trying this software out and so far (on WinXP) it works very well. Making up some libraries for the Scarred Lands shouldn't be much of a problem either (city symbols and the like).

It would be nice if I could figure out how to put the existing (poorly made for game play) Scarred Lands maps in the background and trace it with this program. That would be very cool. I could make maps like that Mithril one out there (the one that is in French) for the other cities, like Shelzar and Burok Torn. Well.. maybe not like Burok Torn, that is a fairly complicated map.