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The Dub of meh: Possible Causation of Feeling Down

Feeling Fearful? Bad? Depressed? 
Do You Have Low Frequency Protection? 

Sound systems and Entertainment Center option on your computer:

I was inside the sound settings on my laptop, now that I have it using the large flat screen - which is outstanding by the way ... five foot screen? Oh, yeah. — and came across the Low Frequency Protection. Not knowing what this was about, I looked into it.

In the Windows 10 settings (new settings, not old control panel), you find it like this:

  1. Sound.
  2. Under "Output", click "Device properties"
  3. Under "Related settings", click "Additional device properties"
  4. In the window that opens, go to the tab "Enhancements"
  5. Check "Low frequency protection"
  6. Click "Settings"

Bass tones, at these low frequencies, are known as Infrasounds.

Infrasounds are an issue around industrial districts where heavy machinery is pounding out parts or stamping out plates or 'thudding' is happening. There are some interesting studies regarding the possibility that infrasound is the at the foundation of Haunted house reports and UFO encounters.

After some follow up research, I discovered a couple of things. First, typically the setting is defaulted for 80 Hz. Second, the default is for protection to be off. Which is fine if you understand what it means, and are down for the experience.

The closer the bass gets to 20 Hz, the more noticeable the effect, but the effect begins at under 50 Hz.

I like bass; I like the vibration. Big fan of Bass and Drum Techno... however, I'm not a big fan of Terror or being Terrorized. And that is the effect of low tone and sub-bass under 50Hz.

You probably won't realize what's going on, and if you have Major Depression, you could — like I have over the years — just passed it off as a 'bad day' ... we get those — or do we? See, I'm not so sure. Because a lot of musicians and movie soundtracks will use those low tones, at 20Hz or 10Hz... you can't hear that or become aware of the tone. You also couldn't figure out where it was coming from if you could hear it... but you feel it... oh yes, you will feel it — pure terror.

Which, of course, is exactly why movie directors and bands use the infrasound bass — for effect. To send a thrill of terror into you. It's all chemical. The vibrations at that frequency cause disruptions and chemical releases you have no control over. It just happens, like a pure tone can shatter glass. Bam!, and it's a bad day.

Again, if you are aware, then it's a roller coaster ride, kind of fun. But if you're not...

... but now you are.


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